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In an increasingly connected world, global issues feel larger than ever. The way in which
Geography encompasses and provides solutions to these issues is something I believe is key for
the future of the Earth and as such a Geography degree is something that particularly appeals
to me. This intent was cemented after I attended a talk entitled 'Where can geography take
you?', earlier this year. More than anything this enabled me to better understand the range of
skills and topics that a Geography degree involves, furthering my curiosity about the subject
as a whole. The talk also prompted me to write my second RGS essay competition entry under the
same title, with my first written for the question 'Is it better for the world to be wealthier
or to be more equal?'

As a child I was privileged enough to travel and experience different cultures and see a range
of landmarks. I believe this is where my interest in geography stems. The example of Niagara
perfectly encapsulates the whole geographical spectrum, with a world-renowned physical land
form surrounded by a dilapidated town. Seeing this prompted me to choose Geography as a GCSE,
and also led me to read 'A Globalizing World? Culture, Economics, Politics' by D. Held, which
further taught me of the impacts of globalization and the formations of towns, a topic which
is still at the forefront of my interest today. The trip also forged a more general interest
in Geography, which led to a subscription to the National Geographic the week I returned. This
magazine is still an integral part of my education and is a source of furthering my
geographical knowledge to this day.

Despite being fascinated by the whole spectrum of Geography, Human Geography is the primary
focus of my interest. Reading 'Urban Social Geography - An Introduction' by Knox and Pinch and
'Poverty, Progress and Population' by E. A. Wrigley, I have formed an acute interest in
Economic Geography and have thoroughly enjoyed learning about uneven economic development
across the globe. This interest is perfectly complemented by Economics as an additional
A-Level choice with this qualification specifically aiding the topics of world trade and
global commons in my Geography course. Furthermore, Economics provides me with presentation
and graphical skills, which complement a Geography degree. I also take Classical Civilisation,
which has thoroughly improved my critical and essay skills, which are integral for a Geography

Another way in which I have furthered my geographic knowledge is through TED talks. One which
I found particularly interesting is entitled 'Don't ask where I'm from, ask where I'm a local'
by Taiye Selasi. This talk explores insider and outsider perceptions and what makes a place,
teaching me that the global community is more important than the local one. The idea she
promoted had such an influence that I decided to write my NEA on perceptions of place.
Additionally, I am the leader of Geography Society at my school, whose primary aim is to
promote an interest in Geography in younger students, which I believe shows me to be a
dedicated and enthusiastic student. Further extra-curricular activities I have been involved
in include my school's rugby 2nd XV. I have captained the side this year and I intend to carry
rugby forward to university level. I believe rugby has played an important role in building my
teamwork and leadership roles, as well as helping me develop time management skills, which
play a part in any degree.

I believe that throughout my whole education I have displayed myself to be an ambitious and
committed student, shown through the multitude of extra-curricular activities that I partake
in, both non academic and educational. I am passionate about Geography and I am extremely keen
to further my knowledge and gain the skills which I know further study in this subject will
provide me. As such, a Geography degree is the right choice for me.

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Hope this helps.
In order of preference my choices were:
University of Bristol, Geography with Study Abroad (09F4)
Durham University, Geography (L702)
University of Manchester, Geography with International Study (LF78)
University of Leeds, Economics and Geography (LL17)
University of Nottingham, Geography with Business (L7N1)


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