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Throughout my life I have possessed a keen interest in geography. I am in awe of the natural power of our world. When I was young, I was mystified and enthralled by the sheer size of the oceans and the mountains. During my school years I studied geography, building up a foundation of knowledge. On top of this, my personal study has given me a deeper understanding, and engaged me with a desire to learn more. Through talking to my Uncle, a practicing Geologist, I became particularly fascinated with the makeup of the earth. To further my understanding I now wish to read Geology.

At Bolton School I studied Geography, Physics and Systems & Control Technology to A level. This diversity in subject has given me a scientific approach to problem solving, an understanding of the physical systems at play within geology, a technological grasp of systems and instrumentation and a more in depth understanding of geography. While I studied both the physical and human side to geography, it was the physical side that sustained my interest. I believe the analytical skills I have developed will further aid my study. Alongside my school academic life I went on several field trips. These included one to investigate beach erosion in Bournemouth and another detailing land usage in and around Bolton. For my GCSE Geography, I conducted a detailed study including field work, into the relationship between the velocity of water in relation to the depth and erosion levels of a stretch of river. I have found field research to be invaluable, and have gained an appreciation of how theoretical systems translate into the real world.

My favourite extracurricular activity is music. Following the completion of my A-Levels I chose to take a double gap year, to pursue my musical interest. This evolved into reading a 2 year course in Music Performance and Technology. I have emerged with a strengthened work ethic, a more mature approach to time management and an even greater drive to take my studies forward to university. Last year I helped to organise my college open day, which allowed me to apply my managerial skills through the organisation of promotion, event planning and delegation. The day proved extremely successful. I have achieved a pass with distinction and merit, respectively, of Grade Five Exams in Drums and Cornet, and I expect to receive a merit on completion of my Music Performance and Technology HND.

During my first gap year I took a part-time job at Starbucks to help fund my higher education. I gained promotion rapidly, ahead of many long-standing employees, to Supervisor and 'Coffee Master' status. I relished being given the opportunity to demonstrate and improve my skills, which I believe to be working confidently and making decisions under pressure, my communication skills and my intuitive and qualitative analysis. A love of the outdoors and the landscape led me to enjoy outdoor pursuits, which in turn led me to take up rock climbing as a serious hobby. In my AS year, two friends and I applied for a grant from a School Trust, enabling us to travel to Spain for a week. The purpose of the trip was to further pursue the sport, as well as my personal interest in the geography of the landscape. We documented the experience and presented a written report of our accomplishments.

Throughout my varied educational and vocational background; studying Geology has always been my eventual aim, and I feel that the wide knowledge and experience I have gained has improved all my personal attributes which I believe will play an integral part in my studies of Geology. Looking beyond university, I want to pursue a career as a Geologist, eventually furthering our human understanding.

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Thank you very much... i was

Thank you very much... i was searching for a nice personal statement samples to help construct my own one so this one is really nice, also my interests are pretty similar to yours... Very good language, i'm gonna use tips from yours!
best wishes

Thanks, a very well worked

Thanks, a very well worked personal statement, it certainly helped me build my own one. Regards once again Paaahl.


thanx for the help, it really helped my structure mine i didnt have a clue what i was doing

Very well laid out and worded

Very well laid out and worded.

A great help

thankyou, this has come in

thankyou, this has come in very handy. I have finally found a well written, professional statement.

Excellent, it is honestly

Excellent, it is honestly extravegent. Well put, it ajusted my statment in a slight way. Good on you. Adam.M

you rocked my world

you rocked my world

If I could i'd kiss you

If I could i'd kiss you

you have a good mastery of

you have a good mastery of language. kudos to u


This really helped me to structure my PS and gave me lots of useful tips also!

dont suppose you want to

dont suppose you want to write mine, i'll give you a tenner :)

nice one fella, one of the

nice one fella, one of the few examples here where the author isn't up their own arse. seriously, some of them are sickening. its nice to see humility every once in a while.

top stuff!

This personal statement is

This personal statement is really good. :)
It helped me alot with mine.

Highly detailed and well

Highly detailed and well structured - obviously someone who knows wthat they want to do and how they can ultimately get there.
Very useful! Thanks :)

matt cooke

this is about as exciting as the rocks u will be studying

matt cooke

this is about as exciting as the rocks u will be studying

I just finished my personal

I just finished my personal statement first draft, and this completely puts mine to shame.

I feel like a failed geologist before i've even started!

Ho hum, back to the drawing board!

or two spaces above

or two spaces above


absolutely fabulous stuff. a lot of inspiration there for my own PS

I would say it is well

I would say it is well written but I would suggest that there should have been more precision to it. Probably, a division of 1st: Why am I well suited for the course?, 2nd: How are the current A-level subjects related to the University course?, 3rd: The extra-curricular qualifications...

i want to fill you

i want to fill you



nice personal statement ,

nice personal statement , makes me feel no bigger than this bludy line
-- :(



cheers for the info really

cheers for the info really helped

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