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The dynamic nature of geography drives my enthusiasm for the subject. My interest began when studying its various elements from eco-tourism in Machu Picchu to fracking in my local area, observing its increasing relevance to my own life. Travelling has also inspired me to know more about our major cities and incredible natural surroundings. I value the subject's rich diversity, inspiring me to widen my knowledge. Subscribing to 'National Geographic' broadens my awareness of today's countless social and physical stories. A recent article particularly interested me: how the USA's rapid rate of commercial development is threatening the natural resources of the Grand Canyon National Park. After reading "Walking the Giant" by Bill McGuire, my eyes were opened to the in-depth impacts of the changing climate on the earth's systems and people.

Also, my geopolitical comprehension has grown in reading Tim Marshall's "Prisoners of Geography", illustrating the contrasting geopolitical systems between countries globally. As a member of the Royal Geographical Society, I read their magazine, 'Geographical', to gain more insight into the Society's research and projects. I joined the RGS through the British Exploring Society, with whom I recently travelled to Manu National Park in the Peruvian Amazon, undertaking scientific research to provide baseline community data in partnership with the Crees Foundation. I carried out fieldwork, alongside others, supporting the research into how anthropogenic climate warming has influenced both flora and fauna species abundance within their reserve.

This was an experience I thrived on, realising how much I truly care for the planet's conservation. I will be in the Yukon Valley, Canada, in 2017 as a Trainee Leader with BES, executing scientific fieldwork in an environment with over a billion years of geological history. I find this so fascinating; it will involve permafrost transects, surveying fauna and even palaeontology. I will be helping the Young Explorers learn about the remote outdoors and how to challenge and develop themselves, whilst being actively involved in that unique setting. My A level subjects support my geography studies as Biology enables me to learn research and mathematical techniques and responsibility in hands-on environments. French has encouraged me to study current social issues of racism and injustice faced by modern society.

Choosing to complete A level Biology, this year, has also given me the opportunity to research and analyse, through an EPQ, the success of the third UN Millennium Development Goal. I aim to develop my understanding of how NGOs and governments worked towards the unified goal of closing the gender gap in both LEDC and MEDC countries and how progress is being furthered, post-2015. I am drawn to this aspect of human geography because of its complexity and relevance. I have used opportunities in school to refine my teamwork, leadership and independence skills by tutoring a younger pupil in her reading, completing my Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award and travelling to Australia for a six week cultural exchange. I developed new abilities through these experiences that I will carry into my future studies.

My other interests lie in music and sport. I have enjoyed singing in my school Chapel Choir for seven years and I am now working on my Grade 8 viola exam. I am a committed assistant coach in both gymnastics and cheerleading and have personally competed at the International Youth Games. Applying skills learned, through these experiences, to academic work, allows me to be focused, determined and able to work well as part of a team. Being fortunate to have travelled extensively, to a range of environments, from Uluru to Norway, I have developed a fascination for geography. I believe my academic skills and my personal experiences have equipped me for undergraduate study and would make me a valued addition to your university, as an enthusiastic and independent student.

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The statement is very personal to me and none of it was plagiarised.
You could take some ideas from it, in terms of structure and the sorts of things I mention (i.e. what I've been reading- around my subject- or the extra curricular things I also do.


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