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My interest in Geography first started in my first geography lesson in school, especially in Year 9 and since then I have thoroughly enjoyed learning about the world, its different processes and the way it is affected by humans. I always find my Geography lessons interesting because you will always learn something new and that is relevant to our present as well as our future.

I am studying Geography, Graphics and English Literature and Language at A level however it is Geography that I enjoy the most and covers lots of my interests and has really captured my imagination. English Language and Literature has helped me to develop my understanding of people from other countries through the art of poetry and literature and Graphics has helped me to understand the reasoning behind the products from other countries as well as from the UK. What I have been taught in both of these subjects I believe will help contribute to the work that I would produce in a Geography degree.

Through my school, I had my 2 week work experience at Northamptonshire Association for the Blind (NAB). Whilst there, I worked mainly with the elderly people so I had to develop my listening skills as well as speaking clearly and I was given many responsibilities such as leading people through narrow corridors and helping the staff members with activities. I found my time there thoroughly enjoyable and I learnt about the people, their backgrounds as well as skills such as being a good team leader and team member.

My interests are more physical geography-based however I do also enjoy the topics I am being taught in Human Geography. I was a member of the Girl Guiding Corporation for 9 years as well as Explorer Scouts for 2 years. Through these organisations, I found out more about the world we live in as well as basic skills such as cooking. I thoroughly enjoyed my time spent with them and was sad to leave however I found I had little time left for any school work, which for me was a priority. I enjoy reading books and through reading National Geographic, it has helped to further my education because the articles I read spark my imagination and it thrills me to know that I am broadening my knowledge. I achieved Grade 2 in piano as well as Grade 2 theory and was a member of Sea Cadet Corps for 1 and a half years of which I was a member of their five-a-side football team. These activities have given me more self-confidence, more independence and have given me useful skills for when I enter university life.

I know that going from A levels to a university degree is a very big step in my life however I am looking forward to it and I believe that I have gathered the skills required over the years for me to cope with university life and I am sure that I will thoroughly enjoy my 3 years at university studying Geography.

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This personal statement was written by geogirl2103 for application in 2008.

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This is my first draft of my personal statement. I personally think it shows the structure of a personal statement however it is a WORKING PROGRESS!


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Heyyy-good work!where are you

Heyyy-good work!where are you applying?


You have quite a way to go before this is refined enough to use in a real university application. At present your writing is too colloquial and lacks structure. I would completely take out the first paragraph as uni lecturers are not interested in whether you enjoy lessons or not (especially 'Year 9'- on which you didn't elaborate and therefore made completely irrelevant) but they are more interested in your further personal studies and intellectual development. I'd take out the stuff about National Geographic as it isn't an academic journal and won't gain you and points! Go and read around the subject more - find an area you are truly interested in and add some decent quotes, complex ideas and name-drop some influential authors.

I'm afraid Girl Guiding will not impress many lecturers, so you need to go out and do something more exciting so you can write about it!

Lastly, in your final paragraph you state that you have the skills to make it from school to uni, but you haven't given any evidence to support that statement. Try re-writing that paragraph, removing the first sentence as it's unneccessary and try to be more focussed in your writing. Remember that you are trying to show how confident, dedicated to the subject and unique you are.

I hope these comments have been helful and not put you off. Good luck with your applications and thanks for sharing. Beth x

Beth, I have worked on a

Beth, I have worked on a personal statement for a while now and have read your comments on many different statements. Do you have an email address (if this is ok with you!) that I could email you at, with my statement? Also, how do you know so much?! Thanks, Havish!

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