Neuroscience Personal Statement Example 9

The flashing neon lights and uncanny music of the pinball game resonated within me menacingly as I became overcome with an overwhelming need to win. The need permeated my every thought; The game had me firmly in its nefarious grips.

Witnessing other individuals my age similarly engrossed by games and other pursuits, I became interested in dissecting addiction patterns and determining precisely which features of our biology caused them. It is then, I learned about the pleasure pathways present in the nervous system. I appreciated the glimpse this inquiry offered me to the working of the nervous system, and further self-reflection led me to the realization Neuroscience is the perfect complement to my curiosity about human behaviour.

My interest in neuroscience intersects with my philosophy course as it too has unraveled dimensions of thinking and analysis previously unexplored. No aspect of philosophy is more fascinating to me than the debate on Mind and Consciousness. I would like opportunities to examine the debate more closely via my intended degree. The perplexity in the debate means leading a line of inquiry here is frustrating but I feel it is a rewarding venture, for the answers offered will be significant in metaphysical context.

I also undertook an internship at a neurology department to further my interests. While observing doctors diagnose patients, I was surprised by how the distinction between diseases wasn't as clearly defined as I had previously thought. To aid my own understanding of what I encountered, I compiled a notebook with case details of patients and the causes of the diseases. I read in my Biology textbook learning about dysfunction in a system is an excellent means of understanding function. This certainly held true for the research I conducted.

A conference on the difficulty in differentiating between depression and other neurological disorders, at the internship, introduced me to the concept of neuroplasticity, for the first time. Intrigued by the contents of said conference, I sought to learn more about psychological disorders and their effects on brain structure through this lecture series on Human Behavioral Biology by Stanford University. With the additional knowledge I gained about neurotransmitters from my Biology class, I was able to compose a basic picture of how the nervous system operates. I yearn to obtain a greater understanding through the biological modules of my degree and the cross-link with psychiatry is one I am excited to explore.

I adore opportunities of leading independent research which is fortunate, for the avenues for research in my chosen field are limitless. I look forward to choosing one such enthralling prospect for the research component of my degree. Akin to the type of independent inquiry I undertook at the internship, I cherish other opportunities to launch into independent creative and research projects. A passion of mine is researching Art History and making mixed media collages, drawings or paintings relevant to particular movements or otherwise. I am also an avid member of my school's Art Club, a forum which I am in the process of reforming into a healthy space for fellow aspiring artists to discuss their art in a constructive environment.

Other hobbies of mine include dancing, hiking, reading fiction, in particular, historical fiction and writing fanfiction when inspired. In addition to this, I served as Teaching Assistant for Chemistry and tutor students during the summer holidays. I also ensure my own school work is always of the highest standard attainable. Neuroscience is a subject which I can confidently say has the power to sustain my passion and interest for the remainder of my life. Acquiring a degree at your university shall not only satiate my passion for the field but also allow me to grow as an individual through the formative experience of studying in a foreign environment.

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