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What motivates humans to behave in the ways we do? Are there external factors which need to be taken into consideration? Or perhaps we should take more of an internal approach?

The study of the mind and behaviour attempts to answer these questions, and if it was not for this versatile science, a lot of questions would be left unanswered.

Investigating studies dealing with the 'abnormal', conformity and eye witness testimony allows me to further immerse myself; it has given me a better understanding of how individuals behave and act in society as a whole.

No longer do I want psychology to be just an interest of mine, but want it to shape my career as a chartered psychologist.

To deepen my knowledge of this discipline further, I am a volunteer for experiments at UCL. The skills of analysis and evaluation acquired whilst completing my A Levels has granted me a fascinating insight into investigations outside of the syllabus. A specific experiment I took pleasure in was eye movements and language study.

Learning about how words shape meaning allowed me to see a theory put into practice and improved my understanding of perceptual processes and development.

Through my other A Levels I have gained transferable skills for psychology, and these A Levels have illustrated aspects of the subject.

Studying English Literature allows me to enhance my written ability, which is beneficial to the essays I construct in psychology. Literature provides classic examples of how societies conform as a whole or how the minority deviate from the 'norm' set.

Fine examples are portrayed through dystopian novels such as 'A Clockwork Orange' by Anthony Burgess and Orwell's '1984'.

Sociology compliments my study of psychology as I am able to distinguish between different theoretical perspectives on how societies function. As analysis and evaluation are frequent in this subject, I have been able to further enhance my ability to structure points in a coherent fashion.

I take an active role in my school community and have been selected for the position of deputy head boy: I am the school's representative to the general public.

Part of my job specification is to give speeches and welcome guests to our school. My organisational, managerial and interpersonal skills have enhanced which has been beneficial to my esteem; these skills are vital for such an individually-orientated discipline.

Previously working as a telephonist in an office developed and improved my skills of communication and time management, as well as to multi-task more efficiently. As a result, I am more confident communicating within a team and using my initiative.

Being counselled in the past has developed an interest in aiding other individuals and helping them to fulfil their potential. Last year I had the responsibility for tutoring a student from Russia aiding him with English.

It gave me a great sense of fulfilment, and being able to learn about Russian culture and master phrases has enhanced my appreciation of how different people and societies function.

Sports are another interest of mine. I regularly ice-skate, and have achieved a variety of certificates as I am registered with the skate UK programme; my confidence in this ability has been enhanced and I am now pursuing my level five certificate.

At university, I wish to pursue this hobby by joining up with the particular society, or creating it, if it does not exist.

Being a thoroughly conscientious and motivated student allows me to excel in my studies and my AS level grades represent this.

Constantly adhering to deadlines I am set in school gives me the attitude and mindset essential for university level study. Studying at university will deepen my independence and studying psychology will allow me to further analyse the world from a contemporary perspective.

After completion of my degree, I hope to undertake relevant experience and study in order to make my dream of becoming an occupational psychologist a reality.

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This personal statement was written by Jamsie_853 for application in 2009.

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UCL - Questionnaire and Interview on 28th of January!!!
University of Birmingham - Conditional AAB offer.
University of Leicester - Conditional AAB offer.
Royal Holloway, University of London - Conditional ABB offer.
University of Surrey - Conditional ABB offer.

If anyone could give me some advice it would be much appreciated! I really want to choose and get it done!


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not bad!

I really don't think that it's bad, not at all! It is better than mine! But I guess thats not the hardest accomplishment to achieve ^^
Anyway, I am sure, that you'll get in and probably you'll have problems choosing which uni actually to go to!
Please say where you got in as soon as you receive notice!
greetings, tara

Shocked...once more!

I just got an offer from Birmingham for AAB! I think the admissions tutors so far must have been drunk! Really pleased though! Now just waiting on the other three.

omg i think that you should

omg i think that you should go to 2 Ucl, if the interview goes well.
its one of the very best for psychology plus its in london and its world renown.

This is one of the best!

This is one of the best!

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