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There is a reason behind everything we do, a purpose to our actions. The cognition behind any decision that we make is one of the many aspects of psychology that I am fascinated by.

The following five words, as said by the Prophet Muhammad, I believe explain such a suggestion: "Actions are but by intentions".

Arguably, this statement can be used to explain every human action, from the motives of a criminal to a child's choice of new shoes, there is always something that influences our behaviour.

The development of psychology not only allows us the ability to probe deeper into the human mind but it also challenges our existing beliefs by giving us new approaches to explain human cognition and behaviour.

The Bystander Effect is one such theory that has come about because of psychology, illustrating how the behaviour of others influences our own; this is why I wish to study psychology.

It is a challenging yet intriguing discipline. In my studies so far I have thoroughly enjoyed learning about a wide range of topics, including psychopathology, as well as debating questions such as "Are criminals born or made?" I have in particular enjoyed learning about conformity, the reasons why and the ways in which we yield to the expectations of others.

Research such as Milgram's experiment on obedience and Zimbardo's prison experiment has only increased my interest in psychology as they demonstrated how vulnerable we are to changing our behaviour whilst in the company of authoritative figures. Social psychology is an area I am most looking forward to studying at university.

The way that humans act, react and interact with one another is in itself a fascinating topic. Through my studies I believe I have equipped myself with the right skills needed for studying psychology at university.

For example, economics and business studies have developed both my analytical and research skills, as I have had to pay close attention to the data I was using.

Moreover, both subjects have shown the factors that influence the decisions made by consumers, firms and governments, as well as the impact that such decisions have on each of them.

Psychology and sociology have both helped my essay writing skills; the latter has also enabled me to understand humanity as a whole and how the interactions between people affects, not only the individual, but society too.

Where possible I have tried to widen my understanding and experience beyond the classroom, for example, I recently by attended a TED Talk. Jessica Thom, who has Tourettes Syndrome, and Nicholas McCarthy, a one-handed pianist, both spoke about how they have overcome significant barriers in dealing with their disabilities; they showed how they not only physically, but psychologically, cope with their circumstances.

This has made me want to investigate further into the human mind, especially in the context of both mental and physical disabilities. I also plan to attend the upcoming 'Psychology4Students' event organised by the British Psychological Society.

Currently I have been reading David McRaney's "You are not so smart", which highlights how misleading our brains can actually be. It demonstrates how illogical we can sometimes be, even though are brains tell us we are not; this has strengthened my interest in studying the brain.

I had the opportunity to spend a week volunteering in the HR department at Ashurst LLP. I worked alongside the HR manager.

I also assisted the department by producing a 'Mental Health Check' document which highlighted the ill effects of mental health in the workplace.

In addition, I am currently taking part in the Lloyd's of London programme, through which I have developed my presentation and communication skills.

It can be said we all are psychologists, as we try to comprehend the behaviour of others. Studying psychology at university will allow me to gain a deeper understanding of human behaviour and afford me the opportunity to lay the foundations for my chosen career.

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