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The constant sense of discovery is what I find most captivating about Psychology: looking at an individual's pretentious behaviour in an analytical way allows me to glance at the world in a new and contemporary angle.

I have a fascination in understanding how the mind absorbs information, interpreted within certain cognitive processes resulting in a behaviour that is willed or unwilled.

My desire to study Social Psychology and especially the question of how an individual's behaviour can have a positive or negative impact on society was first awakened through 'Fear of Freedom' by Erich Fromm.

This enabled me to explore factors such as economics, politics and the context in which socialisation creates the environment in which the individual develop and find meaning.

The A level Psychology syllabus has confirmed my commitment to Psychology, and encouraged me to challenge and expand upon my perceptions of the subject.

The diversity of developmental and cognitive thought I have discovered, in Jean Piaget's experiments for instance, has made me curious, and led me to research experiments including Margaret Donaldson's Children's Minds which drew my attention to the social context in which a child learns and the child's understanding of that context.

What is most intriguing is the fact that children are actively working out what the experimenter wants and may well misjudge the situation through no fault of their own which contradicts Piaget's theory on Conservation.

I feel the A-Levels I study have a number of transferable skills and complects in aiding the study of Psychology.

I enjoy Economics because we look at the real cost of making choices and also I have learnt how concepts and theories provide a tool to help me understand how economies work and develop.

I have found Adam Smiths theory on 'Invisible Hand' most striking because it focuses on the ideas of capitalism, a person pursuing self-interest will result in an increase in the common good.

Studying Law has given me an insight into the fundamentals that make up our English Legal System and has helped me realise that the rule of law is crucial in providing a basis for trust and predictability.

Both these subjects have taught me to develop my analytical and evaluative skills, and also problem solving skills. I believe all the qualities I have gained through my courses are essential in order to strengthen my competence.

In my spare time, I take pleasure in reading be it short stories or never ending novels. I enjoy playing badminton and tennis: being a member of my local tennis club has enabled me to interact with other people who share similar interests. Something which I find significant is the belief that every one of us can make the world a better place be it by helping others.

As someone pointed out We have two hands, one to help yourself the second to help others. I am been fortunate to take part in charitable events raising money for organisations ranging from Breast Cancer to Aids.

My remaining free time goes in working as a sales adviser. The retail experience has given me a great insight in to my interpersonal skills and taught me how to deal with a various range of situations efficiently

I would be an asset to your university and am very enthusiastic about my subjects. The course you offer will broaden my knowledge, satisfy my curiosity and deepen my understanding; I am very determined and thoughtful, and would find the course you offer highly motivating.

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This personal statement was written by Taz for application in 2008.

Taz's Comments

Please read it and your comments/suggestions will be grateful and appreciated. (This is not my final draft though!). Thanks for those who made copmments and gave useful criticisms.


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wow, a very strong piece of

wow, a very strong piece of personal statement! well done! :)

This is a v. good p.s, after

This is a v. good p.s, after reading loads of them, its refreshing to find one that covers all aspects of why you're interesting in you subject without babbling.

Also, i don't think it needs to be shortened, it sounds just right how it is. :p

This is a v. good p.s, after

This is a v. good p.s, after reading loads of them, its refreshing to find one that covers all aspects of why you're interested in your subject without babbling or sounding arrogant.

Also, i don't think it needs to be shortened, it sounds just right how it is. :p

Really lovely statement.

Really lovely statement. fully explains why would have a passion for psychology and what to carry it to further education. It truely presents you as a person who is interlectual, caring and passonate about your subject. nice work! i don't think it needs to be shortened. but if you were looking for things to cut out, id suggest editing the part where you talk about ur a levels, although its important to talk about how they have helped you, everyone thats allpying for psychology has A levels. so try and focus on why you are unique. Other than this....perfect! :)


thank you soo much, your statement has helped me soo much with writing my own! its brilliant.

I am currently in the process

I am currently in the process of writing my personal statement and found yours very useful. I think the paragraph on why your A levels are useful is an important part of your PS as it shows how you can use the skills from those A levels in your course! Thank you very much! Ps. hope u got accepted to the university of your choice! :P xx



i applied to Manchester uni,manchester Met ,Durham and Nottingham uni and got in to all of them

what grades did you get? Also

what grades did you get? Also, did you get a conditional offer, depending on whether you got the required grades asked of you?


Check your grammar and spelling! "Organization" is with a z not an s. You need a few more commas and in your second to last paragraph you wrote I had been instead of have. Your ideas are wonderful but if spelling and grammar are bad your ideas are going to be passed right on by.


hello your ideas have helped me but i was just wondering what grades you got and if your offer was conditional thankyou

and also if you need any

and also if you need any other questions answering feel free. manchester

wow this is such a wicked

wow this is such a wicked statement! right now im writing my statement for psy and this statement is literally like my inspiration! i loved your throughout!

i really like your last

i really like your last paragraph. its upright and blaintent.

that is very similar to the

that is very similar to the other opersonal statement

This is one of the better

This is one of the better statements I've read on here :) It could be improved by expanding on the extra reading, analysing/evaluating it and talking in more detail about WHY it is interesting. There is also too much talk on A Levels not related to psychology, but overall a good effort :)

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