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Every day life involves psychology; the mind has extraordinary abilities. Man is now surrounded by billions of other humans, so curiosity of how we interact can only be human? My curiosity of human interaction first budded from watching my sister begin her life.

I began to watch her grow and see her began to develop her unique personality. I then found myself analysing her in more depth and began to see traits that she began to develop and how she would handle situations as her traits matured.

Every day I found myself analysing my friends movements, tone and even how they acted: I particularly enjoyed seeing how they dealt with authority. From my early days I have always relished crime dramas, psychological thrillers and crime novels.

The minds of criminals intrigued me deeply and have become a fix for me. Why do they choose to go against daily order? What can corrupt the mind to allow man to partake in crime? This curiosity lead me to the study of psychology.

Psychology has allowed many of my questions to be answered and many other which have been, which now have become textbook for the subject.

I had always puzzled metaphysical questions. In 5th year I furthered my knowledge in the subject of; religious moral philosophical studies. This required me to look at life from a variety of perspectives. This high demanding subject was a great enjoyment for me.

This lead me to investigate why man chooses to believe, worship and condemn those who do wrong.

This furthered my curiosity in the psychological field, with a more religion based approach.

This plunged my psychological interests into new more untouched levels which I had not yet explored. Which I feel is a more controversial subject by psychologist's and in future I would hope to explore this subject, using a degree in psychology as a stepping stone to allow me to achieve my aspirations.

One of the extra curricular activities I partake in student representative council in school.

This involves me making huge responsible decisions which affect my school as a whole, this requires great team work with the other members and assessing decisions in great detail before making any plan of action.

This strengthens my leadership skills and requires me to use them thoroughly. These skills have aided me when taking control of my studies as it has encouraged me to work vigorously to achieve the goals I set for myself.

I feel very committed to my extra curricular activities as I fell they give me a deep insight into social interaction which I would adore to expand my understanding of, which a degree in psychology would provide.

In my part time work, I work in a care home as a cleaner, this involves a great deal of communication with the service users. the service users have an assortment of mental illnesses which requires me to meet the specific requirements of the individuals.

I feel this job is a challenge as it requires me to think in a different mind set. This job has also expanded my vital communication skills with the service users and my colleges.

During my school days I get to live at the hostel with residents from other schools. Living away from home every week, has developed my budgeting and time management skills.

I feel this will be a advantage when living away from home at university. As part of living in the hostel I take participate in Resident Support.

This is where we interview the younger residents of the hostel to discover how there getting on at: home, hostel and school. I was elected to chair this group, which I feel shows my capability’s of leadership in a large group

This degree is the just the begging of what I hope to achieve in a career of psychology and feel that I can only be grateful that I get to partake in the university experience that it brings with it.

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