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I see our brain as an artist who paints reality through his own perspective and subjective angle. In the same way a painter tries to make his work appealing to the viewer, our brain tries to give us a coherent image of reality to keep us alive. According to natural selection, only the fittest survive.

Thus, the accuracy of our perceptions matters little. Words we read, images we see and sounds we hear that unconsciously influence our behaviour, might only be mere illusions created by our mind. By exploring these mental paradoxes, I intend to use psychology to propel myself into a career in filmmaking.

The association of psychology and filmmaking would probably baffle most people. Oddly enough, studying the human mind inspires me to create films. Understanding the human psyche and its intricacies is vital in the portrayal of authentic characters and emotions. The best films often have psychological research behind the scenes.

In S. Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange, he uses the character of Alex to denounce behavioural interventions and extol the value of free will. He opposed himself to B. F. Skinner, who considered free will an "illusion". Kubrick was driven by the human psyche, just like I am. In Eyes Wide Shut, he explores the theme of marriage and sexuality and their moral implications.

In Full Metal Jacket, we see the impact of war on the human mind. In The Shining, we see how isolation can alter one's conscience. D. Fincher with Gone Girl, D. Aronofsky with Black Swan or C. Nolan with Memento all raise questions about psychological issues. Psychology is essential to the way I want to approach filmmaking. Indeed, my short films already bring afterthoughts on these topics.

What fascinates me about psychology is its diversity and call for interdisciplinary thinking. On one hand there is the biological aspect of the field, and on the other, the social and behavioural aspect. This mirrors itself in my education in the scientific stream of the French system.

Advanced mathematics and high level physics, chemistry and biology have given me strong analytical skills. In biology lessons I took great pleasure in learning about genetics and the rudiments of neuroscience, including neuroplasticity and synaptic transmission.

I am driven by research and always eager to discover new theories. I chose the International Option of the Baccalaureate, a bicultural course, where we are taught additional British literature, History and Geography. Postcolonialism is the subject that startled me most, due to its similarities with psychology.

The theories of Orientalism by E. Said or Mimicry by H. Bhabha opened my eyes to the world we deal with today. Therefore, my education has provided me with holistic knowledge in both its humanistic and scientific approach.

Yet, my enthusiasm for psychology goes beyond academia. My interest has pushed me to undertake personal in-depth research. Among other books, "Thinking, Fast and Slow" by D. Kahneman gave me an insight on the different modalities of thought.

In addition, the sample psychology class in Cambridge University enthralled me and confirmed my decision to study the subject at university level. Even my passion for photography has really driven me further into the world of psychology.

Through my MUN conferences as a photographer and my personal photo-blog, I try to capture the mindset of my subjects in different ways.

Furthermore, my French and Italian parents brought me up through seven different cities across Europe, America and Asia, giving me a deeper understanding of the different cultures and identities around the globe.

As a result of this multicultural background I can now speak French, Italian, English and Spanish fluently. Finally, competitive rugby and sailing have taught me essential discipline skills.

I trust the United Kingdom will be the ideal setting to pursue my interests and academic prospects, as its diversity and multiculturalism echo my international background.

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