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When I was a child my favorite place was the airport. I love the confusion inside it,listening to many different languages and seeing different cultures meet in only one place. I consider that my interest for the social movement arise from that place.

I was born in Odessa into a Russian family and when I was only five my parents decided to move to Crotone,in the south of Italy. Nowadays I think that I'm very lucky to know two cultures so different one from the other.

This has prompted me to take an interest on how the traditions and the events affect the human psyche and how the man himself can revolutionize the environment in which he lives.

The occurrences that particularly influence me are: The Arab spring and the Bosnian War; But also the land where I live it's a hot zone,inasmuch in Crotone there is one of the most crowded immigrant reception centre and my little town is "invaded" by new populations.

For me it's a great opportunity to know directly the victims of cruel wars or dramatic situations and many times they shared with me their stories,hopes and current problems like the integration in a new country.

My main ambition is to help every single individual to have a respectable existence,to be free and satisfied,because every satisfied person will establish a well-functioning society as Democritus affirmed -'The native land of a good soul is the whole earth'-.

While I'm studying philosophy I become fond of psychology since ancient philosophers like Aristotle or Epicurus realized the importance of the human inner being.My favorite psychologists are Freud and Gordon Allport.

I like learning new languages beyond:Italian,Russian,Ukrainian,English and Spanish I would like to learn Portuguese or a Middle Eastern language.

I consider language an essential component to understand the identity of a country,so I'm studying Latin and ancient Greek that are the basis of many European languages and the same ancient Roman-Greek way of thinking are the cornerstones of occidental culture.

Since I was ten my parents gave me the opportunity to study English abroad in summer and I could visit many Anglophone countries.

Travelling has become for me a passion,not only to see new places but also to meet new way of thinking and people.Last summer I was in Haiti I can say that I admire their culture and their pragmatist in every situation.

Beside the school I love painting,taking photos (I also participated to an exhibition in my school),looking after animals and practicing many sports like:tennis, snowboard, ski and classic ballet (that I exercise for 10 years).

Studying in United Kingdom it's a great opportunity because it has one of the most innovative education system in the world. I hope that I'll be able to join in this environment and contribute,even in a small way, to the improvement of the society

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