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For the past 15 years I have lived in Dubai a cosmopolitan metropolis so perfect and yet so flawed that not even the residents truly understand its inner workings. A city built on the backs of poorly treated labourers and ruled by a monarchy that seems to disregard the values of ethics and morality.

I like to compare the accepted perception of life in Dubai to Plato's Allegory of the Cave; the silhouettes are the people's perception of Dubai, and the enlightened are those who have escaped the facade. Globally and locally, many see Dubai simply as an affluent trade hub.

Few, however, know that behind the scenes labourers are subjected to large-scale confiscation of passports and violations of Human Rights. The injustice of my environment is where my interest in Philosophy and Politics stems from; two fields in which I feel my line of consciousness can be correspondent with that of others.

By following this joint-honours course, I hope to further my understanding of the fundamentals of both fields and build a solid base on which to pursue my future goals of being a Lawyer. Furthermore, I wish to develop the abstract style of reasoning needed to understand the complexity of political thought; in particular, G.W.F Hegel's complex yet captivating metaphysical description of the state as an actuality of an ethical idea.

My Drama studies into Sophocles' Antigone is what first taught me the importance of lateral thinking and gave me the chance to explore themes closely linked to Politics and Philosophy.

Analysis of themes that raised moral questions, such as natural law and state control, proved challenging but fascinating and ultimately is what deepened my interest in Philosophy and Politics. History and Economics have also proved to be helpful in introducing me to the world of British politics and in developing my essay writing skills.

In particular, History has given me the ability to discern hidden relationships and connections between sources, whereas through Economics I have learned to reason both logically and in terms of the short and long-term consequences of actions.

These skills proved useful in the 2013 World Scholars Cup, where I managed to win a Silver medal in current affairs and in the DIA Model United Nations Conference of 2013, where I analysed important political problems of the time.

Through Drama I have honed my communication and public speaking skills and by attending Debate I have developed the ability to make prompt and analytical responses. Together these skills helped me serve as a good Year Representative in Year 11 and still serve me now as Deputy Student leader of the English College, (a role which entails being head of the Student Council).

As Leader, I have taken an active role in heading the organisation of Sixth-Form social events, such as school barbecues and have had to encourage teamwork between everyone on the Student Council; I feel that being head of a community has given me insight into the life of a politician.

Furthermore my path to achieving the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards has been paved some amazing experiences. The volunteering portions led me to seek a sponsor for our school's orphanage, the Eco Farm Home; where I learnt to negotiate successfully and ultimately secure an AED 5000 donation from Europcar.

If my surroundings have taught me anything it's that reality is flawed, perception is fragile and knowledge uncertain. In order to understand the true meaning behind things we must adopt a different line of reason. By pursuing a degree in Philosophy and Politics I hope to strengthen my grip on the enigmatic ideas of philosophers and politicians, something that I believe is integral in understanding the workings of the world.

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