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The emotional state of human existence is propelled by economic, and political revolutions that arise throughout history. It is only through practices of observance and purposeful inquisitions that humanity is able to truly understand the delicate emotional state of society.

This is one reason why I am interested in the study of philosophy. Through the principles of sound reasoning philosophical arguments are the catalysts in allowing humanity to revolutionize its morals effectively changing the emotional state of society and the fabric that comprises it altogether. T

he political and economic changes in society that result from these philosophical contemplations are what I am keen on pursuing. I have always been particularly fascinated with abstract philosophical concepts such as Plato’s Cave yet I had never been captivated by the role of philosophy in states until studying the Rwandan genocide. The Rwandan genocide provided me with insight into government ’s moral authority over its citizens.

Hoping to expand upon my philosophical knowledge I decided to independently study philosophic literature. Thomas Hobbes’s, Leviathan, provided me with a solid foundation in philosophical arguments. Leviathan confronted me with the idea that through a social contract the establishment of a commonwealth could obtain the foundations of civil peace, social unity, and goodwill.

In order to optimize my understanding of the arguments that Hobbes tried to explain, I turned to Hevruta, the Jewish practice of communal learning through the sharing of ideas, and thoughts. Hevruta allowed me to not only understand the arguments presented but also challenged me to apply them to the modern day.

One concept that interested me was the nature of the state which is molded through an ongoing moral war perpetuated by the notion of fear. Although Leviathan provided me with a solid foundation of philosophic thinking, I was left with many questions including "Why the theory fell short when dealing with King Leopold II’s reign of the Congo Free State?" Anxious to learn more about states my interest in politics was sparked.

I seek to understand the role of politics in society. The course "Introduction to Comparative Politics," provided me with insight into democratization.

The Marxist theory of democratization was of interest because it stipulated that in order for democratization to occur there must be class struggle. The Communist Manifesto helped to clarify this concept citing industrialization and the inequality caused by capitalism as the main source of class struggle.

I began to ponder how capitalism could be the source of inequality as it provided a way for everyone within society to become wealthier. The fact that a capitalist market provides competition, and individual consumer choices seemed to refute Marx’s idea.

Nonetheless, I believe Marx’s view of capitalism being the source of inequality within society can be further understood when applied to Hobbes’s theory of humans acting purely out of self-interest to attain pleasure. This application led me to further question self-interest and its role within society.

From studying Adam Smith’s Invisible Hand, I was able to learn that individuals acting out of self-interest within a market will allow that market to run successfully. I am keen to understand how philosophical ideology, and state actors can either hinder or help the market.

In order to expand my breadth of knowledge in the disciplines of philosophy, politics, and economics, I avidly read financial journals such as Bloomberg Business Week, and the Economist.

These financial journals provide me with not only the chance to learn about the world around me but also with the chance to analyze and interpret graphs, and tables. By analyzing graphs and tables, I am able to logically deduce statistics and apply them to current events on a global scale.

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