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Who am I? This is possibly the most ambiguous question, whereby a hidden depth of meaning is drowned by a trivialised sense of simplicity.

I could merely reveal my name, but would that really portray who I was? “We become ourselves through others” claims Vygotsky, but are we all just conformists? Are our personalities just embedded in our genes? Do we act the way we do because we want to? Is it free will which makes us who we are?.

Debates such as nature v. nurture and free will v. determinism fuel my desire to learn more about both psychology and philosophy.

My passion for philosophy was sparked when reading Mitch Albom’s “The Five People You Meet in Heaven”, which overrides logic and offers an alternative to religious belief. The book itself left me highly motivated to pursue philosophical inquiry in greater depth.

Through studying A level psychology I have developed a particular interest in social psychology and the influence social pressures can have on behaviour whilst developing vital skills such as the ability to critically analyse a study or theory.

Aspects of each of my A level subjects have influenced my choice of degree. Open mindedness is essential when studying A level politics. The subject itself spurs endless abstract thought, especially when concerning issues such as power.

The curriculum has also enabled me to partake in structured debate with the ability to articulate personal views being essential. In addition to oral communication, essay writing is also a key feature of the syllabus and my powers of expression are constantly evolving.

My ability to analyse and develop my writing skills has been accelerated through studying English at higher level, my current concentration upon metaphysical poetry and the underlying message behind abstract imagery.

Studying AS level history has enabled me to investigate the different reactions to political, social, cultural, religious and economic situations.

I have been a prefect since 2001 and act as a role model to younger students as well as being an ambassador for the school.

I am a learning champion within the History department whereby I work with students who require additional tutoring in order to successfully pass their GCSE’s. I have to be well prepared and patient but find it rewarding when my tutee grasps the concept.

Last summer I was involved in the organisation, development and supervision of a lower school fun day. Being selected to lead a small group of my peers with the brief of organizing this year’s Post 16 Prom has helped develop my confidence as it has involved visiting and selecting a venue, organising catering, transport, publicity and the funding of the event.

Currently I work for a well established retail store; working has taught me to be flexible and adaptable as well as emphasising the importance of time management when working under pressure.

An enthusiastic, trustworthy and approachable manner is vital in the workplace in order to maintain the already high standards expected of the store.

Previously I was employed in direct marketing where I monitored the system operations and the dispatch of relevant post and information. This role required me to work both in small teams and independently as well as applying my ICT skills in a real world situation.

I enjoy travelling and experiencing different cultures including the individualist New York in comparison to the collectivist streets of Havana.

I am a gregarious person and enjoy spending time with close friends engaging particularly in shopping trips and social gatherings. I also regularly attend the gym in order to achieve realistic self set goals.

As an outgoing person I feel I would be able to contribute to and gain from a psychology and philosophy dual course which I see as both challenging and an exciting journey whilst helping me to understand people’s beliefs, behaviour and identity. That’s “who I am”, who are you?.

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This personal statement was written by della789 for application in 2007.


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