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When in life can you truly say you enjoy what you do? Far too many times you hear people talking of ‘enduring’ their work, or ‘getting by’ in life, far too seldom do we actually hear of people savouring it, being enthused by it, enjoying it!

This is what divides a good student from a passing student, actually enjoying what they do, and this is my aim not just for my studies but for my working life as well, to find fulfilment in and actual relish my work – this may seem like a common aspiration, but so few ever achieve it!

Both of my parents work and have always worked in the care industry, they posses very select and specialised characteristics that allow them to be the best at their jobs that they can be, so from an early age I have been seeped in an environment of complex psychology about mental ability, counselling and stigma.

Their work and ways of thinking being imprinted into my socialisation from childhood.

Please however don’t think for one moment that because of that I see myself bound to a life of psychology, that I was raised in a sheltered environment manufactured into a psychology protégé by my parents.

This for me is, as much as it biologically can be, an individual choice. Based on my beliefs and experiences, judged by what I have been through in my life and what interests me.

People are what interest me, what I cannot understand is when you find a psychology student that cannot stand people!

For this reason I love doing group work, I love interacting with other people and I love completing tasks with them, we were made to work in a pack, that is why we are social animals, we should love being around other humans!

One thing that is paramount is confidence, not just the confidence to stand up in front of a room or hall of people and give a presentation but the confidence in your own work and your own ability to do well, self belief.

I would put such things here as: ‘hard working and vigilant’ but I believe that a passion and an enjoyment of your subject surmounts these things, and almost makes it difficult to not be hard working and take a further interest in the area you are looking at.

Why sell yourself and each individual aspect of who you are if you can get across your natural enthusiasm and passion/drive for something which encompasses all those things and says so much about you as a person than a check list of your individual skills and strengths.

The whole reason why I chose to study this course, the whole reason why were even here and the interrelationship between psychology and philosophy is another thing that interest me greatly

I am intrigued by peoples beliefs, their morals and the rationale behind the things they do, that is one of the main reasons why I chose this course and this path in my life, to investigate what makes people different and I believe so far that what separates (and binds) people most is their philosophy.

And so a look into the relationship between the science of psychology and philosophy is a deep passion of mine.

I however do not take the scientific side of psychology lightly at all, and for the past year have been learning the ins and outs of the SPSS program and just how important scientific enquiry, scientific reflection on your findings and a scientific approach from the beginning are to the subject of psychology as a whole.

I feel that I will be not only well versed but also ready to take on all aspects of psychology across the duration of the course and carry that on after graduation also.

Being passionate, self motivated and confident within yourself is something that I believe to be one of the most important things not just for a student to posses but also for anyone to posses in life to get far and succeed and ultimately, enjoy what they do.

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This personal statement was written by RoryMcCulloch for application in 2010.

Psychology at The University of Aberdeen

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Please note that my place in university was certain due to a deal the college that i attended have with the university so there was not so much pressure when writing this, but i still tried hard to write an impressive PS


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