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Three years ago, when I began the study of philosophy I was immediately fascinated by it, and quickly my ego was transformed and reshaped. I opened my eyes, previously closed by the obvious and customary of everyday life. I started thinking, and thinking always brings new questions, to which it is impossible to give the old and packaged usual answers. Is that reality what we see or only shadows projected on a cave’s wall? What truly lies beyond the veil? Does God play dice or not, and really nature does not make any jumps? That’s how I initially fell in love with metaphysics. But she never showed her gracious visage to me, so I looked away and discovered physics. What is life - negentropy or something else? Are we selfish, or maybe our genes are.

Thus aroused, my will to comprehend how the world works pushed me towards all subjects and fields I could learn about, independently from their being humanistic or scientific. Being especially focused on Ancient Greek, Latin, Italian and philosophy, without nevertheless overlook scientific subjects like mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology, my school empowered even more this natural all-embracing attitude of mine. Humanities and science : how man works and how the world works – I believe they should return one as they were in origin, at the dawn of scientific thought. In parallel, philosophy should not be left segregated into theory, but also turned into praxis. And what is the most practical philosophical approach if not the British one? Gould wrote there is a link throughout Hobbes, Smith, Malthus and Darwin – not metaphysics but physics in its original Ancient Greek meaning –, and their thought seems to truly have predicted the actual world, ruled by consumerism, individuality and struggle for emerge. My will is to be part of this centenary tradition.

And my dream is to attend the prestigious Gifford Lectures, studying in an eminent University of excellence.This thirst of knowledge and experience permeates my life, stretching my energies in the most diverse interests: each of them has enriched me with something different. Swimming at agonistic levels taught me to compete staunchly for achieving my aim, without never give up. As the manager of a rock band, I got used to around the corner accidents, and to expect the unexpected. I worked also in the eco sustainable laboratory of my school, which taught me the importance of playing my part. I started keeping autochthon arthropods for studying local fauna, with the dream of doing my share in repopulating the area with threatened species.The same principle led me to apply for becoming students representative of my school. Once elected, this authority helped me improving my managerial skills and my eloquence in speaking to an audience.

Last year I was chosen by the prestigious University “Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna” for attending its summer college fair. This has been decisive in choosing my future career path. I am now resolute to study in an University of excellence, in which I can grow both intellectually and personally through comparison and exchange of views, especially with those who are better than me.

To conclude, I believe our society needs philosophers to deal with contemporary problems. The massive development of technology has broadened the fields of both biology and physics, and the new problems which have arisen need new approaches to be solved. An approach which I simply can’t find in Italy. Having been in Uk, Usa and Australia not only improved my English, but revealed me a different and stimulating international reality. This course offers the opportunity of comprehending how the world works, and not in a restricted and specific area, but shaping a complete and universal vision. My hope is to deserve it.

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I mainly followed the ucas advice for writing this. Nevertheless, I don't know if it could work or not, and if this is really effective. Either, I know the double choice is a gamble, but what I really want to do is philosophy and physics and in Scotland there are only two courses..
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