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What does it mean to be a person? How do we know what is right from wrong? These are questions that Philosophy seeks to answer and I want to be at the forefront of exploring these questions. I am fascinated by how Philosophy has moulded the principles of society and has provided the key foundations for all of human thought. The impact of Philosophy upon society is evident throughout time, which I believe is a result of human nature and our need to question the world we live in.

I started to pursue my interest for Philosophy by studying Religious Studies at A level. Through doing so, I was introduced to the core elements of Philosophy & Ethics which have provided me with a wider scope of the subject. This led me to becoming intrigued by the apparent incompatibility of the potential existence of a God and the existence of evil.

To expand upon my knowledge of this issue, I began to read ‘Is there a God?’ by Richard Swinburne and ‘The Puzzle of Evil’ by Peter Vardy which have both enhanced my knowledge of ‘The Problem of Evil’. Having explored both metaphysical and physical concepts ranging from Plato’s Forms to Logical Positivism, I developed an interest particularly within the Determinism and Free Will branch of Philosophy.

Applying the skills and knowledge gained through studying Religious Studies to my Cambridge Pre-U Independent Research Report, I used this as an opportunity to broaden my knowledge of philosophy by investigating the Free Will Illusion. Within this I was required to execute a five thousand word dissertation that was established upon primary and secondary research.

As part of this project, my primary research will consist of contacting professors and implementing an experiment that places candidates in different situations to assess how a person’s free will can be affected by our environment. Furthermore, as part of my secondary research I intend to expand my knowledge of this area by analysing research journals and books surrounding this topic including ‘Free Will’ by Sam Harris and ‘Free Will as an Open Scientific Problem’ by Mark Balaguer.

Alongside Religious Studies, critical analysis is a key element within my other subjects: History and English. Studying these has assisted me to develop transferable skills that include critiquing subject content, engaging within critical debate and enhancing my ability to synthesise ideas.

This is evident through my use of analysis and interpretation of novels such as Catcher in the Rye and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Furthermore, my studies in History regarding social attitudes within the USA have helped me to understand how Philosophy allows for societies to develop, as the concept of morality is evident within this as shown by the changes in ‘KKK’ movements during the 1920s.

Art is significant to me as a means of expression. By playing in a band and immersing myself within the DIY music scene, I am able to share my interests with like-minded people. This has allowed me to explore the world outside of my local area and overall develop a strong sense of community. During my time in school, having been selected for the Comenius Project allowed me to explore a foreign culture and develop my strong sense of independence whilst I stayed with a Turkish family in Istanbul.

I have enhanced my use of collaborative and leadership abilities by supporting younger pupils to develop their ability to read and interpret literature novels; this emphasised to me the importance of adult learning as a means of self-development.

Furthermore, working for St Francis Hospice and Pizza Express requires me to thrive under pressure, engage with others and conclusively, has taught me to prioritise work and finances.
I am mature, diligent, and capable and I feel confident that this course is ideal for me to excel in the study of Philosophy. The prospect of studying a dynamic and stimulating degree at your university truly excites me.

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This personal statement was written by Winter-Nine for application in 2015.

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