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“You should study something else that has a future”. This is what I heard people say to me since I decided to study psychology. In my culture all the Arab parents want their kids to be doctors, lawyers, engineers, or even successful businessmen, but one of their children wanting to study psychology would not have crossed their minds.

however, for me, The human mind has been interesting to me since a young age, Like wondering why do some people fear animals? Like cats or dogs or small harmless animals, or why they got angry at something I’ve thought not worth getting angry about.

Growing up I started learning and exploring more about the subject like watching Documentaries about true crimes and questioning what is happening inside their brain that led them to do such heinous crimes or trying to understand my family and friends’ mental health struggles or how businesses drew our attention with their advertisements, ultimately generating desired emotions and reactions, That's how I started realizing how broad the psychology Field is and how I will enjoy and excel studying a subject like psychology.

I started discovering more about how biology is one of the major perspectives in psychology and involves such things as studying the brain, immune system, nervous system, genetics, and animal and human behavior.

Interesting research that I read on science daily talked about how a patient's pupils can indicate if they have suffered a traumatic experience in the past.

The research, led by Dr. Aimee McKinnon at Cardiff University, looked for traces of these traumatic events in the eyes of patients who were suffering from PTSD by measuring the pupil of the eye while participants were shown threatening images such as vicious animals or weapons, as well as other images that showed neutral events, or even pleasant images.

Professor Nicola Gray from Swansea University said: "This shows that the hyper-response of the pupil is in response to an arousing stimulus, and not just threatening ones. This may allow us to use these positive pictures in therapy, rather than relying upon negative images, that can be quite upsetting to the patient, and therefore make therapy more acceptable and bearable.”

And this study made me realize the impact of positive and negative stimulation on PTSD patients and how connected human behavioral biology to psychology, further raising my curiosity about psychological effects on the human body.

Quite simply I'm Looking forward to understanding the human body and the people around me while helping them heal themselves better, also furthering my studies in an environment with like-minded people alongside contributing to psychological research in the future and making psychology in my country more acceptable and wanted.

I hope you will support me to continue this journey of mine and assist me in building myself to become an important figure in society.

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