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I first realised I wanted to study Psychology in high school after studying Drama. In order to further understand my character I had to understand their mind and develop their personality. I found the differences in characters were so vast that it made me want to study Psychology to comprehend these distinctions.

Since beginning the course in college I have been truly captivated by all areas of psychological theory and research, and am eager to contribute to the understanding we have about the behaviour of human and non-human animals. In particular, I am fascinated by the fundamental debates in psychology, for example the nature nurture debate.

A forensic psychology conference I attended, presented by Professor David Canter, amplified my interest - his topic was Investigative Psychology, with examples of domestic violence, rape and serial killers.

I found it intriguing that people can behave in such a way that will offend others and often feel little or no remorse.

After reading his book, "Mapping Murder", my interest in abnormality and psychopathology rapidly increased, as his book and conference allowed me to understand the psychology behind this type of behaviour.

I enjoy reading about different studies that have been conducted in the past, which I can analyse and evaluate to have a more advanced understanding.

In high school I applied for the role of a peer mentor, and my job was to attend to the needs of younger students and to give them full support.

This job required patience and compassion, along with willingness to help and motivate others. I received certificates and awards for good behaviour, attendance, punctuality and performing arts, which demonstrates my enthusiasm in everything I do.

My work experience in the retail industry gave me the chance to develop vital skills which will also be essential while at university - communication with other people, a strong determination to achieve my best and dedication to all work I undertake.

In college, I am currently studying three A levels - Psychology being one, for which I won Student of the Month award in September 2007. I also study Drama & Theatre studies, which has given me an alternative perception of human behaviour and the intensity of emotions depending on the person.

My other subject is Music Technology, which has helped me develop on my analytical and concentration skills. I am also part of the student council, where I represent my fellow students and have a great responsibility to ensure that their views are acknowledged.

I like to read a range of different books from novels to biographies as well as books to support my academic studies. Currently I am reading "The Selfish Gene" by Richard Dawkins to support my understanding of Evolutionary Psychology.

I find it fascinating that natural and sexual selection can provide ultimate explanations for the behaviour of animals, including humans.

I also enjoy sports, such as swimming, cricket, tennis and hockey, in which I work with others, resulting in my competitive nature and desire to succeed.

I have also had various part time jobs in which I have had to work with the public and satisfy their needs whilst working under pressure to complete assorted tasks.

Although I am looking forward to going to university, I have decided on having a gap year to go to Camp America, where I will work with younger individuals as a Counsellor.

My job will be to ensure the children's health and safety, and to keep them well entertained. This will provide me with a role of authority and allow the children to be dependant on me.

I have had prior experience of this type of responsibility as a peer mentor, so I am confident in myself to excel.

I intend to practise a career in psychology, due to my intense interest and eagerness to study it. The specific area of psychology I am interested in pursuing is Clinical and Pathological Psychology.

I believe that I will make an outstanding undergraduate student who will appreciate having the ability to study and expand my knowledge in a reputable learning environment.

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This personal statement was written by Jeheffiner for application in 2009.

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This is only my second draft, and any criticism will be really helpful.


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A really cracking attempt. I

A really cracking attempt. I love how you incorporated drama. Stupendous!!

This is a really great

This is a really great statement. And the drama bit at the beginning is a nice touch. I don't know how many words you've already got, but I'd think about adding just slightly more detail in your section about your self. Because i've found thats its not so much what you've done, but what you have gained from it, and HOW you can apply those skills sucessfully in your psychology course.

This is a very good statement

This is a very good statement, i would however think about rewording that third paragraph when you talk about the certificates, it not only comes accross as a little arrogant but also slightly childish. other than that though i like this statement a lot, your also reading the selfish gene as i am and we have almost the exact same sentence about evolutionary psychology. lol.
good luck

I have read several personal

I have read several personal statements by people who have been accepted into the field, and reading your statement did not reveal your true passion or even personal story of why you want to pursue such a degree.

You talk about reading certain books and include a list of unnecessary skills you possess with I find incredibly irrelevant to why you want to pursue the degree. If you cannot incorporate a real experience that inspired you to pursuing a degree in forensic psychology, then maybe that field is not for you.

Consider becoming a high school counselor because I feel like the experiences you have are more relevant for that field.

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