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Having my first child at the age of seventeen temporarily prevented me from furthering my education; however, psychology has always been the subject that I knew I wanted to study and take up as a profession.

Being a young mother, along with many other life experiences I have come through, can only be seen as positives when considering my wish to study psychology.

It is true to say that I have experienced a lot more than most people of my age are expected to have. I am fortunate that I have the ability to turn negative life experiences into positives and would like to be given the opportunity to help others do the same.

I was six years old when a very close relative of mine was diagnosed with having schizophrenia and for this reason from a very young age I have been aware of the effects of mental illness and the attitudes of people towards this subject.

I have a particular interest in, and admiration for, the work of Freud as he played a major part in changing general views towards the mentally ill.

His application of self analysis as revealed in his book 'The Interpretation of Dreams' is also something I have great interest in.

The workings of the human mind and individual differences intrigue me, as do the treatments of abnormal behaviour and the rehabilitation of criminals and drug addicts via different methods of therapy.

My constant 'wild analysis', as Freud would suggest it be called, of people and situations are often noted by my friends and family and I would love the opportunity to turn this interest into a challenging and rewarding career.

My career aspirations are high and I hope to go on to postgraduate education, eventually enabling me to become a clinical psychologist. I am aware that this area of work is highly competitive and I feel I have the motivation, ambition and passion for psychology that is required.

I do not intend to use a psychology degree for anything other than working in the field of psychology and I am confident I have the dedication to achieve my dream.

Along with my personal interest the access to higher education course I am currently studying has given me a good insight into psychology and the different theories.

My commitment and motivation to succeed are reflected by my being able to study and work part-time while also being a mother to two children.

During the end of term Christmas break I will be doing voluntary work at XXX mental health and emotional support drop in centre.

Being given the opportunity to work with people with mental illness will give me great fulfilment and some relevant experience.

I also hope to be able to gain work experience in different areas of psychology. My current employment as a colour technician requires excellent communication skills due to close client contact, the ability to work under pressure, on my own initiative or as part of a team.

One of my interests outside of college is keeping fit. I am a member of a gym which I attend daily and enjoy long distance running along with weight training. I am a firm believer that exercise helps to relieve stress and depression.

While working as a clinical psychologist I would like to apply my knowledge of gym exercise, where useful, as a therapy. Socialising with friends is something I enjoy, and as a lover of music I regularly attend events held at the student union in " ".

I also enjoy spending time with my daughters, who are eleven and thirteen, attending gymnastics and cheerleading events that they are involved in.

As I am able to manage my time efficiently, I am able to enjoy a varied social life, yet still commit to producing a high standard of work at college.

The mind will never fully be conquered; therefore the world of psychology will always be expanding, allowing psychologists to continue learning about this fascinating subject.

My dream is to be given the opportunity to prove I would be a committed, driven and dedicated psychologist.

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This personal statement was written by housekitten for application in 2009.


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I think this is a very good

I think this is a very good statement. One of the best on this site. Would be interested to hear if you have got any offers?

I thought your statement was

I thought your statement was really good and I hope you achieve your goals :)

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good on you!

as for the above comments, ignore them!

yeah, ok, you had children at a young age. but at least you want to do something, you dont want to live off the government! good on you! keep your head up, ignore the nasty, viscous people, cos they got nothing better to do than slag people of cos they do things different to you. i hope you got in to to shut them all up. oh, and nice PS as well!!!! xxx

good on you!

as for the above comments, ignore them. yeah, ok, you had children at a young age. but at least you want to do something, you dont want to live off the government! good on you! keep your head up, ignore the nasty, viscous people, cos they got nothing better to do than slag people of cos they do things different to you. i hope you got in to to shut them all up. oh, and nice PS as well!!!! xxx

I cannot believe the

I cannot believe the disgusting reactions of some people, its that kind of mental attitude that absolutely shocks me..I certainly hope that none of you are pyschology students, because if you are.. did it ever cross your narrow minds that as a psychologist you will be helping be from all backgrounds, and yes young mothers, that one day you may have to help and support.If this is what i am expecting my fellow students to be like at university.. i am absolutely terrified these dormanted minded peolple actually have access to the qualifications to become a profession in that field? i think it is a fantastic essay.. it has inspired me.

You can tell all the people

You can tell all the people bitching arent going to get into such a competative course as psychology. I think its a very good personal statement and admire you for getting everything you can out of life. I think you will be a brilliant psychologist becuase you, unlike the idiots on here, are not blinded by idiotic prejudices.

What a fantastic personal

What a fantastic personal statement, well done, and I am in no doubt you will become a brilliant psychologist.
This comments section seems to have been invaded by moronic chavs, I do hope that one day they realise how jelousy makes them act like five year olds, and they obviously have nothing better to do than pick on people more intelligent than themselves as they realise that they will never achieve what you will achieve in your life.


very well written personal statement! its funny how you write a personal statement on psychology and then all these subjects to study come on! amazing how life works! i really enjoyed it and dnot doubt you will be an excellent psychologist!

p.s. hope your two children are well!


Absolutely fantastic personal statement! Please do not be put off by the moronic, narrow-minded children on this site! I myself am currently in a similar position to yourself having my son at 19 years old!
I also want to study psychology and reading your statement is like reading my own life!
You are such an inspirational woman and well done to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I think this is an amazingly well written personal statement. I really admire you for going back to education now that your children are grown up, couldn't imagine having children at 17 (my age)!
To all those vile commenter's- please stop wasting your time, if you have nothing nice to say don't say it at all. I hope your not looking at psychology as a career choice because you WILL fail. Also please learn to spell properly.

do you guys realise this

do you guys realise this womans oldest child is now 13?
she is now 30... not really a young slag is she.
I thought personal statement was great, helped me start off now that I have a few ideas! Yours is definitely best i have seen :)

STOP FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

STOP FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Psychology Graduate

Impressive psychology personal statement. Very honest. I hope this applicant was successful.

Hey =)

Hehehe at the comments. Thankyou to the decent people for the nice comments =) I got accepted in all my choices, and will be starting final year in September! Clearly some people on here didn't. Shame! And the worse thing is they probably spent a year or 2 coming back and forth to check if I'd retaliated to the comments. Sorry I'm late guys, hope the dole queue has been rewarding and fun xxx

Extremely good, please tell

Extremely good, please tell us what you got for offers!


I value the post. Great.

Thanks so much for posting

Thanks so much for posting this, it achieves everything this site recommends on a personal statement and also reads really well. I'm coming in to this as a mature student/single parent so it's great to have an idea of what a statement can be like when not based on current academic subjects! Thanks again for the inspiration!

this is the most hilarious

this is the most hilarious comment section I've seen in a while. Made my day! Cheers bud

hope u get to be one

hope u get to be one

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