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Psychology is an ocean. As a child, I skulled through the waters; as a teenager, I reached out towards the buoy; as a young adult, I find myself diving through the wonders of the ocean that are yet to be discovered. For as long as I can remember, I would ask endless questions about human behaviour and the mind.

Research has found that 4 year old girls are the most inquisitive, with an average of 390 questions they ask their mothers per day. I am 17 years old and to this day, my mother is bombarded with just as many questions.

There are many areas in psychology that are yet to be uncovered. With a naturally curious mind, I'm determined to discover the secrets that the human mind hold. From the age of 11, psychology had left a unique, distinctive mark in my life.

I've come across many friends and family that have drowned in the dark waters of the ocean: depression, anxiety, psychosis.

The natural pull of the ocean led me to the dark waters and I found myself in a boat with life rings to spare. Even at the age of 10, I was told by older friends that I had a knack for giving intellectual advice. Through my journey at university, I hope to develop my psychobabble into true psychological speech.

If ever there is a time when I am knocked down, I am reminded by family and friends that I have a strong heart and mind. I believe that this is why I'm best suited for this course.

With my strength, passion and the belief that I can make a difference, I believe I will be able to fulfil my full potential for what this course holds for me.

I believe that my key skills for this course and in life include my ability to be compassionate and empathetic, my ability to be analytical and problem solve as well as my social skills that I have developed through my experience with Drama. I believe that these skills have helped me stay true to who I am and have enabled me to stay on track with the right mindset and passion.

When entering A Level Psychology, beneath the excitement, I felt nervous for the first time about whether it was suitable for me. It was quite scientific and factual - not quite what the 11 year old me had in mind. However, I soon found that despite science not being a strength of mine, when applied to psychology, it was my strongest subject.

Aside from academics, I regularly watch various documentaries on psychology. I’m interested in documentaries about mental health as well as forensic psychology. I have also kept up to date on the latest researches that have been conducted in psychology by following psychology blogs.

Although initially I was an introverted young girl, moving schools for the first time, I understood the difficulties of entering a school as the shy one. Soon after, I became a confident young woman. I am able to hurdle the toughest obstacles and can tackle anything that stands in between myself and my goals.

I became subject ambassador for Drama, held bake sales for charity and started to participate in more sporting events. My confidence allowed me to be more initiative when placed for work experience. I was determined to work for Tokyo English LifeLine. Teachers had informed me that it was not a possibility.

However, I contacted TELL myself and soon received an email that they would be delighted to accept me. The experience was enlightening. Though my tasks were not what I had hoped for, I was able to adapt, enjoy and embrace my time there.

With the insight and knowledge I gain at university from both the curriculum and my social life, I plan on becoming a licensed psychologist or a social worker. I hope to help a range of people who are struggling. I believe that strength is transferrable. After all, the sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net forever.

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Still have a few months to submit this. Let me know if it's too cheesy or if the ocean metaphor is too much.


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