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Questioning "why" or "how" people behave in certain ways is a passion of mine. I remember questioning human behaviour whilst watching a documentary on Nazi Germany.

I found myself trying to comprehend how seemingly good German citizens were supportive of Hitler's monstrosities and appeared to be so indifferent to the cruelty towards the Jews.

I only began to find the answers to questions such as these when I started my A level Psychology course. I gained an understanding in social psychology which explained theories like obedience to authority proved through Milgram's shock experiments.

This may explain why Germans showed little resistance to the dreaded S.S. officers in Nazi Germany. It is knowledge such as this that I have gained that has compelled me to apply for psychology. I now find myself constantly analysing my own life and applying psychological theories to explain behaviours and attitudes that I witness and experience everyday.

As an enthusiastic student, I like to get actively involved with school life. I hope to take full advantage of the extra-curricular opportunities offered at university. I achieved the position of prefect as I have the attributes, for the role such as responsibility and integrity.

I am a member of the debate team where I enjoy engaging in arguements over controversial topics, for example the issue regarding the legalisation of cannabis.

Through my role in the debate team I have improved my interpersonal and communication skills. I can also apply my debating skills to evaluate theories and concepts in psychology, which will be useful whilst studying the subject.

Being a peer mentor, helping students with learning disabilities, has opened my eyes to the world of individual differences, an aspect of psychology that I find very interesting. Interacting with these students has given me a better understanding of human nature and differential psychology. I have also acquired a sense of tolerance and patience.

Reading is a favourite past-time of mine. I recently read 'Into the Silent Land' by Paul Broks, a specialist in Neuropsychology.

These neurological tales caused me to consider what the mind is in relation to the physical manifestation of being. I find it fascinating how parts of the brain form a circuit to intercommunicate in order to create a sense of "self". I also love music and attending gigs and festivals in my spare time. It is a great way to meet new people who share a common interest in music.

To pursue a career as a psychologist there are many qualities required, which I believe I possess and will develop throughout my time at university.

As well as being a naturally sceptical thinker, I am also open-minded to the concept of new ideas and theories. I regard self-awareness to be an important trait.

Learning about human thought, emotion and behaviour has helped me understand myself further.

From my time studying in university, I hope to go on to contribute to the world of Psychology. There is still much to learn about the brain and human behaviour.

As Santiago Ramón y Cajal, one of the founding fathers of modern neuroscience, once said, "As long as our brain is a mystery, the universe, the reflection of the structure of the brain, will also be mystery."

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definite blazer ;)

I second that comment haha

I second that comment haha


It's very concise, yet provides the reader with so much worthy information. Well done you!

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