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My name is Olga and I am applying for BSc Psychology. This field aroused my interest a few years ago when I read about a competition testing the knowledge of psychology among high school students.

I decided to take part in that competition and now I know it was one of the best decisions of my life. The arrangements for the final and the knowledge I gained made me really passionate about psychology.

This area turned out to be so much more diverse than I'd previously thought that now I can't say which aspect fascinates me the most and this is why I decided to study psychology without any specialisation.

Furthermore, during the final year, I will have the opportunity to choose from the available subjects those which appeal to me the most.

I know that a psychologist isn't a person who only works with people, at school, corporation or advertising agency, but first of all, a scientist, who, knowing how many problems still need to be explored, need to continue studying. I would like to contribute to discovering dependences governing human mind and behaviour.

In my spare time, I like to read psychological articles or books because I'm often inclined to more detailed thoughts and re-examining my position in some matters.

The last book which forced me to do that was 'Against Empathy: The case of rational compassion' by Paul Bloom, because, as the author claimed, being against empathy is like being against kittens - how dare someone? But his arguments, examples, and meta-analysis make reader confused and deep afterthought is inevitable.

In my case, it provided me with more questions than answers, but it's good because it leads to further research.

Apart from psychology, I also have other interests. Ever since childhood, I have been curious about the things around me so I was happy with starting new activities.

As a consequence, I have often had an opportunity to find out some new things about myself, even if activity turned out to be less attractive than I thought at the beginning. Among other things, this is why I joined a scouting organisation twelve years ago.

Thanks to being a part of this organisation I have learned how to work with different people. Any scout courses, camps, raiders or workshops have all made it easier for me to find common ground with anyone I meet.

Moreover, for two years I have had my own host so I had to learn how to speak to be listened and how to organise time during the musters for my peers and also younger scouts. It became very helpful a year ago when I took a job as a babysitter every Sunday during the school year.

This provided me with time-management skills, because apart from the part-time job I had school, friends and extra-curricular activities.

Furthermore, since I was sixteen I have spent every half of my summer working in the restaurant where I also trained my skills working in a group, plus thanks to the earned money I didn't need to ask my parents for any extra money and I was able to spend two weeks in Spain where I practiced this foreign language.

I am in a linguistics class so I study advanced Spanish and English and this trip was a great opportunity for me to put my speaking skills into practice.

I think multilingualism is very important because then the chances of employment increase, and moreover learning a foreign language is good for the cognitive abilities like intelligence and memory while lowering risks of brain aging, dementia and Alzheimer's, so they are definitely worth any time and effort.

I believe I am a suitable candidate and the abilities and knowledge I have already gained are a great basis to start studying psychology at your university and I am looking forward to your positive consideration of my application.

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I was applying for psychology at Swansea University, Portsmouth University, Aberystwyth University, Birkbeck University and University of Essex and all of my applications were considered positively except the last one, I'm still waiting for the decision of University of Essex, but I'm going to Portsmouth anyway:)!


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