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I was in an early age when I first came across the term psychology. Even before I knew that this field exists, I was interested in how our mind processes information and how it is interlinked with other system of the body.

If environment or heredity has a higher impact on a living organism, was one of the issues that shaped me throughout my childhood.

These types of pivotal questions were also often subject during my GCSE’s, when talking to friends and relatives. It was in year 8 when we first had the topic ‘human behaviour’ and I had the opportunity to make a presentation about it.

Amazed by the branches of psychology, I observed myself engaged in reading books and articles many hours.

After completing my A-levels I decided to do an Access to Psychology and Social Studies course which I hoped to give me further knowledge and to strength my enthusiasm in psychology. Since I started this course my interest in psychology has grown.

During this course I learned the skills which would help me through university such as research and critical thinking. Others include preparation of assignments, planning projects and time management.

During my A-levels I also had the responsibility of the position of the class representative which I took very seriously. As a class representative I had the opportunity to improve my communication and leadership skills and also take on additional responsibility which shows my suitability for this course.

At the age of 17 I worked as a volunteer in a clinic where I had the chance to explore how a psychologist works in a hospital, and how intensive the relationship between psychologists and patients get.

Since one year I also work in a private clinic. As many patients in the local area could not speak English properly I interfered between doctors and patients and translated when needed.

I carry out allergy, hearing, blood pressure and urine tests in the laboratory and help the doctors by taking blood and keeping records from patients past illness story. These practices all helped me to understand the essence of a professional health care worker.

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This personal statement was written by giggy88 for application in 2009.

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I know its quite short but i just didn't find anything else to say.
I applied to 4 universities and got only 1 offer, but thats all I needed ^^, because it was my second choice.. and very close to home :)

Please give any comments, however harsh they may sound ^^...


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