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MJ has been a student of Evanjelicke Gymnazium J. A. Komenskeho since September 2004. It is a bilingual Slovak-English high school aimed at preparing students for higher education.

Admission to this school is restricted to students with remarkable school results; that she was admitted is in itself evidence of her excellent academic abilities.

The standard curriculum includes Slovak language and literature (SLL), physics, chemistry, civics, and ICT. Students are evaluated on a grading system (1-5) where 1 stands for excellent. The bilingual curriculum consists of history, biology, mathematics, geography, and religion.

The Maturita, a school leaving exam, consists of two parts: the external part in March, which includes a written test and an essay, and the internal part in May, which is an oral examination of four selected subjects. Students take the SLL test at the end of the fourth year and the next three in the fifth year.

Two subjects, SLL and English (B2) are compulsory; the other two are to be chosen by the student. MJ scored a 1 in her SLL Maturita, a 100% in the essay, and placed third in the entire school on the written test.

Besides the compulsory subjects, she has chosen French (B1) and geography, which, as she says, will provide her with a better understanding of different cultures and people.

As for academic qualities, MJ is a very bright student, a quick thinker, and able to grasp the most complex concepts easily. I can see a great potential in MJ's future as I believe she is driven by sound ambitions and an eagerness to learn new things.

She is creative, logical, and has an extraordinarily developed sense for in-depth and systematic learning demonstrated by her academic performance: she has been one of the top scholars, always with straight 1s and extremely dedicated to her education.

In English lessons, she engages at an impressively sophisticated level expressing her own responses in a strongly persuasive way. In both oral and written work, she performs excellently. As for English proficiency, MJ is fluent with an advanced vocabulary and shows great confidence both in speaking and writing.

She is a natural linguist, speaking and writing in English with skill and accuracy, and learning French with the same enthusiasm.

Last year, she won the school, local, and regional round of English Olympics in the Anglophone category. This year, she placed 1st in the school round again, thus advancing to the local round to be held in February.

She has a great interest in different cultures, and has read widely in literature. It is simply a pleasure to teach her.

MJ is an excellent candidate for higher education as she is intelligent, hard-working, and diligent. She won an ASSIST scholarship two years ago that enabled her to spend a full academic year at a prestigious private American high school where her performance was outstanding.

She had straight As, her American teachers were delighted with her, she did well in AP tests and was awarded a French II. book prize.

This experience has significantly enhanced her appreciation of different cultures and strenghtened her determination to study abroad. Included in MJ's achievements is the 5th place in the national round of the English Olympics in Slovakia. In her free time MJ enjoys nature strolls and reading, especially in English.

For the past two years she has also been tutoring dyslexic students in English; these students' grades have improved singnificantly since then.

There is no doubt that MJ would make the most of not only the academic aspects of your university, but also the opportunity to become a valuable part of a new community.

She loves learning for its own sake, fully reciprocates any interest shown in her progress, and will thoroughly enjoy and avail herself of the opportunities offered by university life. In terms of MJ's motivation and abilities I can recommend her to you with every confidence.

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