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After my first lesson I knew psychology was the subject that I wanted to take further. It showed me that the human mind is an intricate puzzle which is almost impossible to solve; yet every day we try to explain and discover why humans behave the way we do.

I find it fascinating to study the theories and procedures devised to explain our behaviours and then to evaluate them in terms of reliability and validity.

During the course Abnormality has been my favourite topic. I was captivated to discover why certain people were labelled abnormal.

The counter-arguments in this topic were equally interesting; looking from the perspectives of other people; for example the individual may believe they are perfectly normal but society's expectations determine whether they are or are not.

Child Development and Attachment enthralled me; I found it incredible that insignificant events in our childhood can change our later lives permanently. Learning about different types of attachment appealed to me; how at a young age children's perceptions of relationships can be shaped by the way their parents care for them.

I especially enjoyed 'The Strange Situation' experiment developed by Ainsworth and Bell to measure levels of attachment.

To broaden my knowledge I have subscribed to the Psychology Review to learn about developments that are occurring in the field.
The A-Levels I study contribute transferable skills which aid my study of Psychology. History requires disciplined time management to produce essays promptly; this has improved my organisation skills.

Geography has required lots of individual study to find suitable case studies which has given me the capacity to research around a subject effectively which is necessary for any course at university.

After my degree, I plan to gain the extra training and qualifications required to become a child psychologist, as I feel all children should be supported to lead healthy and successful adult lives.

My work experience at Furze Down School, in 2010, showed me that I really wanted to work with vulnerable children. I learnt a lot about the cognitive development of children, who have special needs requirements. I was able to support the children practically; helping them in their academic and vocational learning.

It became apparent that they learnt more successfully through the use of visual aids and active involvement in their studies, instead of traditional techniques.

This opportunity gave me an insight into the ways in which the children’s interactions deviated from behavioural norms, and how the staff facilitated their development and integration with their peers.

I am an active member of Saint John Ambulance which I have attended for two years. I really enjoy it because it has allowed me to meet a broad range of people and build up relationships outside school. It has taught me practical first aid and how to deal with situations which might arise.

This has improved my communication skills through using the emergency radio and this experience has improved the quality of my school presentations.

I am a keen thespian and have been involved in productions both inside and outside of school, the most recent being ‘As You Like It' which we performed for the Shakespeare festival, and a community production of 'A Midsummer Nights Dream.'

I really enjoy skiing having been on a number of trips with school. It has built my confidence as I have progressed from being a novice to a competent skier.

When the opportunity arises I use the local slopes to continue my improvement. Meanwhile I have a weekend job working in retail, where interpersonal skills, cultural awareness, teamwork, time management and flexibility are key qualities that I employ on a busy shop floor.

I believe that my A-level study has shown that I am a committed student and that I now have the resilience and adaptability to succeed in my chosen field and that it will lead to a fulfilling career and successful adult life.

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