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What is the key to solving life's problems? How does the mind-body connection affect our emotion? and Which is more important nature or nurture? are all questions that has the jigsaw puzzle that is psychology, relentlessly nagging and teasing my mind for an answer or a solution to an understanding of human thoughts, emotions and behaviours.

Growing up I always had a passion for helping others, my mother always told me that I had gentle hands for healing and a heart of gold to match however I never really quite knew exactly how I would help.

My automatic first thought was to become a doctor however over the years I recognised that with a low tolerance for blood, wounds and simply seeing people in pain together with unsteady hands that that was not the right occupation for me.

The idea of becoming a psychologist actually fell in my lap in the form of a TV show called Brain Games. That show sparked a fire within me and made me question things that I simply took for granted to the extent of becoming obsessed with the show and the concept of psychology on a whole. So much so that I hunted for one of the only schools in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago that offered Psychology as a Cambridge A levels subject.

Doing Psychology as an A levels subject heightened my fascination as my brain and my heart fell in love with the subject learning all about different theorist and psychological concepts made me hungry for more, for a high level and a greater understanding.

Accompanied by Sociology, which helped to widen my looking eyes to all aspects of life, encouraging and pushing for me to become a more critical thinker with and an advanced educational viewpoint, and English Literature, that helped to release my creative yet complex nature and set my analytical and communication skills free.

Along with subjects such as Biology, Physics and Additional Mathematics done at CSEC level which permitted me to have an understanding of how the brain and mind works from a medical perspective, created a mind ready and willing to dive into Psychology at a higher level.

It is my strong, humble and whole hearted belief that your institution would set me on the right part to my true calling.

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I think my personal statement was ok, it really came from the heart and I wrote with passion. However, I wish I added more about extra curricular activities. I had no teacher assistance.


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