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After several changes of life expectancies and goals, now I'm in front of a very important starting point of my new goal. Studying social and organisational psychology in a highly developed and scientifically designed place is my aim now.

As common in most of Turkish families that my family have stimulated and grew me in a way that to be a doctor, engineer or a kind of scientific career in the future.

Unfortunately, they thought directly the life standards and wealth. They didn't think enough my characteristics and abilities. Maybe I could be a good doctor or a good engineer even a good manager in anywhere but I wouldn't be reached the true way of my life. (I haven't seen such life experiences, so such a rigid saying is actually an exaggeration but that's my way of thinking.)

For this reason I went to a science high school without awareness of restricting my future. Although I could be a sufficient student in all science classes, I wouldn't be satisfied with the subjects.

Therefore, in my high school years I inclined to read books about social issues and attended social activities in the school as many as I can. Choosing a department for university was one of the most difficult things that I had experienced as my family's great depressions on my choices. Fortunately, I persuaded them and went to the management department of Middle East Technical University.

Even in there, I couldn't have found that I want. Every day I was saying myself I didn't come here to learn maximise someone else's profits. Such classes really bored me in there.

However, our social psychology and other social science lessons made me more intrigued. Moreover in the Academic Writing class I chose two social issues and I really appreciated with those studies. Those were “the social results of abortion in China" and "a comparative analysis of two techniques of coping with stress".

After all in my senior year I decided to be an academician and study social psychology. I gained the scholarship of our Ministry of Education to make master and doctorate in abroad in return to work for the university of Nevsehir(one of the new-opened universities in Turkey).

My favorite social activity is joining debate and reading groups. Sometimes we, some friends, make debate each other after reading a specific subject, and sometimes one of us directly reads from a book which is make him interested.

In summers, I go to my hometown to climb mountains and watching the creatures. Watching the scene on a mountain is my favorite activity.

At my university years, I attended several social studies in an NGO which named KADDER (Kulturler Arasi Egitim ve Dostluk Dernegi) or ICEFA (Intercultural Education and Friendship Association).

There are lots of activities that this association organised, one of the most important ones is providing university students clean and peaceful dwellings with lower prices. In addition, it organizes cultural activities (symposiums, picnics, educational workshops etc.) with foreign students.

I chose your university because it's one of the most qualified schools in UK and suitable for me. I believe I can keep pace with your university.

The things that I can present you to prove this are: I have graduated one of the most successful high schools (Kayseri Fen Lisesi) and universities (M.E.T.U.).

I'm interested in social psychology and human behavior in organisations a lot and after finishing the doctorate I'm projecting to return to my country after becoming a good academician.

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This personal statement was written by husates for application in 2010.

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I want to apply Royal holloway and surrey universities in UK. and I will send this personal statement what is your opinion abou this. Is it sufficient?


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