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I have always been fascinated by people and the way they behave, but it is only as I have grown older and become more aware of psychology that I have begun to question why people are the way they are, why they interact differently with other people and why we all take a different approach to certain situations.

I also find it interesting how society, culture and the attitudes and opinions of other people can have such an impact on a person's behaviour. For example, I find in intriguing how one can intentionally harm or abuse another and feel no remorse or guilt at all. Whereas another may be extremely guilt-ridden.

I recently had the chance to speak to a psychologist following family difficulties. I found the help and advice given very helpful, and this experience was my final encouragement to study psychology.

In fifth year, I sat four highers with predicted grades of one A, two B's and one C. However, partly due to the above incident, I did not meet all predicted grades, but received a B in Higher Music.

This year, I am fully committed to my studies and strive to achieve the following grades; an A in Higher Geography; a B in Higher English; an A in Higher Drama and an A in Advanced Higher Music.

I am currently responsible for marketing on the yearbook committee and, at the moment, I am requesting sponsorship from companies in the region. This position within the committee allows me to act as a team leader and a team member, as well as improve both my written and spoken communication skills.

Additionally, it means I must meet deadlines and make important decisions regarding finance. For five years now, I have been elected by my peers to be a Pupil Council representative in my school.

This allows me to take others into consideration, listen to their concerns and advocate on their behalf in front of other representatives and school staff.

Outside school, I am a part-time waitress in a busy restaurant. This gives me the opportunity to work in stressful situations with many different people - some of whom can be very challenging.

However, it gives me financial independence and I am efficiently balancing my job and school work. I feel this experience will benefit me when I attend university and live away from home. I will have to balance my social life and my time for study and coursework, as well as a possible part-time job.

Drama is a particular interest of mine and I feel it is linked to psychology. To successfully portray a character, I have to consider every detail of their personality, as well as past, present or even future circumstances which may alter the character throughout the play.

Currently, I am trying to set up an after school drama club for younger pupils, which will lead up to a show before summer 2008. I believe this will provide yet another opportunity for me to work with people with varying abilities and needs, as well as develop my people skills and spoken communication skills.

In my spare time, I enjoy playing guitar, keyboard and drums, as well as writing music and lyrics for my own songs. I feel this is a relaxing and creative way to express my thoughts and feelings.

I also enjoy working as part of a team, whether it be playing music or dancing. I was a member of the Scottish Thistle Country Dancers, and here, enjoyed both learning and teaching dances.

I had a work placement at the Citizens Advice Bureau, where I experienced cases concerning people in difficult situations, ranging from drug abuse to financial debt.

Whilst listening to the problems of some clients, I couldn't help but wonder what in their psyches made them make the decisions that led to their personal life choices. Some people are happy with what they have in life whilst others from a similar demographic need more, or believe that their position in life has been under achieved and they strive, in various ways, to make their lives more acceptable to them.

In some cases they try to achieve their goal through hard work, in others, criminal activity. But, in some minds, it is a means to an end, hence not criminal in their eyes. I believe, through the study of psychology, I may be able to better understand the choices such people make and why.

In conclusion, I feel I am ready for university life and look forward to it immensely. Studying for my degree, I intend to contribute to it as much as I receive from it. I am committed and will give total dedication to my chosen course, and I am prepared to work to the best of my ability in order to succeed in taking the first major step towards achieving my chosen career in psychology.

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This personal statement was written by ScottishLassie008 for application in 2008.

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This is my second draft of my personal statement but I'm still not sure if it is quite what is required. Any criticism or comments on my statement on how to make it better are welcome. thank you.


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i found this statement good

i found this statement good and i read to the end. although i found it confusing which grades you actually got and which you were hoping for.

not that good

not that good

not enough focus on

not enough focus on psychology. u start but then switch too early to all your other qualities.

You are using the commas

You are using the commas incorrectly, there aren't ANY paragraphs and I think you need to read it through again to notice the little mistakes you've made. Apart from that, I believe that it's a good statement.

This statement did not have

This statement did not have to include the grades obtained etc. They will already see the grades you achieved on your UCAS form, it is unnecessary information.


A round of applause for your blog post.Really thank you! Will read on...

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