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There is much to be done for the special needs education system where I am from, and I am determined to change this by embarking on a journey in psychology, so as to understand the ways in which different people act, think and behave. Studying theatre and anthropology have inspired my desire to embark on this journey.

In theatre, I went through fascinating experiences with people around me, from interacting through kinesthetic response with fellow actors in space, to intimate confessional 1-to-1 sessions with the audience.

Through this vigorous and eye-opening course, I developed a deep-rooted understanding of human connection in all aspects, be it emotional, mental or physical. I took delight in being able to learn, understand and express human emotions, thoughts, and anything to do with being human.

Since the subject of psychology was unavailable, I opted to take Anthropology instead, and this course has allowed me to gain insight into the many cultures, communities and societies of the world, and the interactions within and between people.

It allowed me to gain fundamental knowledge of how societies work, which is a more macro study of people compared to psychology. Immediately after taking theatre and anthropology, I immersed myself in volunteer work, where I grew in passion and desire to serve and help others with the knowledge and understanding I have learnt and developed through my studies.

I volunteered to plan and organise arts and craft activities for 13 to 16-year-old teenagers in a Special Needs School, 'Northlight', where I first discovered my strength in initiating conversations effectively and eventually making friends with them.

I was then selected to go for an Overseas Service Learning trip to Zambales, Philippines, to teach young children from 6 to 10 years old English and Mathematics.

In order to gain the children's attention and to ensure they understood me better, I decided to apply my acquired theatre skills in a storytelling session, where I improvised big and exaggerated actions and facial expressions of emotions and acts within the narrative, to the children, with as much confidence as I could muster. I then felt full concentration towards me, as if there was a special connection between them and me as I presented and they listened.

Enthralled by this experience, I then volunteered in a student-initiated group, 'Waves of Love', that organised and carried out weekly arts and craft activities at a children's home, where we taught young under-privileged children essential and unique art skills such as folding origami and painting.

I befriended the children there and learnt about their ambitions and desires of the future. Their determined attitudes, despite the adversities they faced, inspired me to find ways and means to help make their dreams a reality.

I also volunteered as a special needs class assistant at my church, where I guided the children in singing, acting and drawing sessions. I grew together with them and learnt more about their struggles, but also their strengths and talents previously undiscovered, like good memory retention, motor skills and imagination.

These experiences have provided me with a visceral experience and unique sensitivity to the needs of children with special needs.

Thus, I have worked extensively with children and teenagers of various ages, and with that, acquired an interest to develop better the necessary skills to guide and serve them better and further.

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