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Psychology is everywhere in society; throughout life, we have an innate tendency to analyse other humans and animals' behaviours in order to 'fit in' – consequently, to some extent, everyone possesses some understanding of psychology.

However, while other people's interests in the human psyche are restricted at their own experiences, I would love to further my understanding into this intriguing subject and a psychology degree would definitely allow me do this, as well as assisting me in fulfilling my desire to pursue a career clinical psychology.

What draws me to psychology is the fact that nothing is ever certain, the ambiguity of human behaviour means that there is always something new to learn, the possibilities of this ever-growing information encapsulates me.

I am currently studying Nazi Germany in A-Level History and I constantly find myself questioning how the citizens of Germany accepted Hitler’s rise to power. My curiosity is reinforced by the fact my Grandfather served in the German navy in World War Two, I never understood how such an admirable man could serve such a villainous leader.

However, since studying psychology the answers to these questions have become apparent. I have gained a greater insight into Social psychology, which has explained why people obey and conform, through dispositional, situational and psychological factors.

I have also been able to apply behaviourist and social learning theories to the lack of resistance by the German public through positive, negative and vicarious reinforcement. It became clear to me after studying the Nazis rise to power that they used techniques make the public conform, punishing people who didn't fit their beliefs by putting them in concentration camps.

Studying sociology has complemented my understanding of psychology, especially within the topic of crime and deviance. Whilst I'm able to identify psychological factors that can influence individuals into offending, I can distinguish how society shapes individuals and ultimately constructs criminals.

Though I feel very confident in making inferences and links between psychological concepts I believe my skills have dramatically grown within the statistical side of psychology, I enjoy identifying the appropriate statistical tests for data given, ranging from Chi Squared to related t-tests.

In addition to these A-levels broadening my knowledge of psychology, they have also improved my analytical skills from evaluating source questions and historians' interpretations in history, to assessing sociological and psychological concepts, which are imperative in psychology.

Outside of my studies, I have a Sunday job working as a waitress in the local Farm Shop. I believe this job has provided me with pre-eminent interpersonal and communication skills due to the interaction with customers.

I consider myself very independent and self-motivated, however, I am also able to work simultaneously with others; recently I worked within a team, fundraising for admired charities such as Cancer Research and RSPCA as well as providing resources for local charities and the local community.

I thoroughly enjoy travelling; in the summer I was lucky enough to travel to Australia’s Northern Territory and explore the aboriginal culture.

This experience was a huge eye-opener to me as what I found to be ‘normal’ was regarded as ‘abnormal’ and vice versa, bringing to life the cultural relativism between collectivist and individualistic societies and ultimately reinforcing my desire to understand the psychological processes underlying these differences.

I feel elated at the thought of being offered to further expand my knowledge of psychology whilst studying for a degree.

I firmly believe my hard work and determination is what sets me apart from other students and though I understand a psychology degree will be challenging, I’m certain that these challenges will only stimulate and enhance my curiosity and dedication to the subject.

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Newcastle University: AAB
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Northumbria University: 128 Ucas points
Sheffield Hallam: Unconditional offer


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