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Being a keen boxer, I have had to train my mind significantly. I believe that a good state of mind is more important than the physically side of boxing.

I have always found the way that the brain works interesting but never really thought about studying it as a subject. That was until recently. In health and social care we started a psychology based unit which had me hooked from the first lesson to the last.

I was fascinated by every lesson and upon talking to peers that are doing psychology, I found out just how interesting the subject really is.

Over the last couple of years I have developed a strong passion for exercise and fitness. I strongly believe that having a good mental attitude is one of the most important things when it comes to exercise. During the week I wake up very early so I can get some exercise done before school.

I also get into school very early, often being the first boy in school. This is so I can prepare for school in a calm and relaxed way and usually get some work done before lessons.

I am very passionate about sports learnt to swim and ride a bicycle at a very young age. I also played for my local football team playing both in goal and outfield positions.

All three sports I still practise today. At school I am a senior member of the boxing team. Last year I passed the boxing and fitness test allowing me to take part in the boxing exhibition my school holds every year.

The boxing exhibition involves fighting your most evenly matched opponent in front of three judges, which I won by unanimous decision.

I did not just take part in the event, I also helped to sell tickets and organise the music for the event. I regularly took part in school sports days, participating in a wide range of different sports such as high jump, Javelin, shot put and running events.

I have been a member of my local gym for over five years now and attend regularly.

However, I always make sure my time is evenly divided between sport and my school work. For all of last year I was ranked first out of the whole year group on a leader board for beating target grades on fortnightly assessment tests.

I recently received a letter commending my excellent use of study periods, completing many more study periods then required.

For my work experience, I worked in a primary school as a teacher’s assistant. I was inspired by the children’s warm response to me and their willingness to learn more after I suggested some fun activities, such as five a side football tournament.

In the short time I was there I feel I really connected with the children and even though I only made a small impact on their lifestyle, I received the greatest feeling for this and was inspired by their enthusiasm to get active and take part. I was invited by the head teacher to come back and help at the children’s sports day, which I did and really enjoyed.

Working with children has allowed me to improve my speaking, listening and group work skills. I now know I could work and connect with both children and adults improving their life styles and overall well being.
I offer a lot more than just school work.

Over my time a Wimbledon college I have regularly helped out at school events such as open days, parents evenings and of course sports events. I enjoy getting immersed in whatever I do and always give it 100%.

Increasing my knowledge in psychology would help me gain employment in the health industry, possibly as a personal trainer and would allow me to carry on learning about my passion for exercise and maintaining health, and give me depth of knowledge and enable me to make a difference to people who may be struggling with their health, fitness and motivation.

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This personal statement was written by bill for application in 2011.

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where did you apply to?

where did you apply to?


Looking forward to reading more. Great article post.Much thanks again. Want more.

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