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My interest in philosophy began when I was a child, I was startled to be alive and I was puzzled about the way life had seemed to creep up on me.

I have always found my mind to be drawn to certain thoughts, while waiting for my birthdays I would rationalise my way round the frustration of waiting by thinking that time always comes no matter what, my father told me I would waste my life away thinking like that.

I have deeply enjoyed philosophical conversation for many years, the unknown is a magnet to my mind and I find both philosophy and psychology interesting because of this, however psychology can draw actual conclusions and relevant facts rather than just ideas and a career in psychology would be preferable.

I like to test and analyse religion for its validity, I find that religion is an outdated explanation for existence and also as a way of controlling the masses, I feel psychology would be a more efficient way of making things work through the power of empathy and guilt.

I find evolutionary explanations for everything on earth, including the human mind; however I question this belief just as much as I do religion.

I am intrigued by consciousness, I have particularity enjoyed studying the neurotic system in psychology; the workings of the mind are a mystery that I would hope to be explained in my lifetime.

My studies in criminology and sociology sparked an interest in the process of socialisation that effects where people end up and the personalities they have later in life.

I wonder if its that people choose to end up where they are, or its just blind luck, a person can determine their own path in life however they need the thought to determine it in that way in the first place so I would side on the latter.

I enjoyed studying delinquency and trying to prove the psychological cause of crime, I drew reference to the two youth groups the “chavs” and “moshers”, anybody will tell you that chavs rob phones while moshers don't, pointing to an obvious psychological cause of crime.

In lessons I enjoy getting involved in discussions, I like putting my opinion across, I have particularly found the feminist struggle of equality in sociology interesting because I had already been studying this in my spare time, whilst I am an advocate of equality I criticise women for making direct assumptions about people that may be harmful and unnecessary.

My dyslexia hampered me in my early years due to a lack of understanding of my condition and difficult circumstances concerning bullying, I feel as though they had me spell “dog” over and over for years and never taught me anything useful, I was lead to believe I couldn't achieve anything and so I didn't.

However I have gradually progressed to being able to work and I know I can achieve anything that I set my mind to, I would like to help people with learning disabilities like myself because there are ways of coping with and recovering from dyslexia, I have an understanding of it most others don't have.

I have been diagnosed with dyslexia now I know all I need is to process information more times than others, I am jealous of others for their glue like memories however the more I use my mind my memory seems to improve.

I am very pleased with the course I am on at the moment and I am truly satisfied with the challenge presented to me, I am very enthusiastic about achieving highly on this course and in the future.

I have an keen interest in bullying, I would like to find ways of prevention because it can be a very destructive influence on a young persons mind, one that I have seen that works well is removing the insecurities of the bullies by making them feel equal to their classmates with rewards, this is related to the Marxist theories that state that acting out in violence is caused by feelings of inferiority and jealousy.

I have a few separate interests that I am perusing, I ride a unicycle and I am learning to perform tricks on it, this interest was sparked from various circus skills events I have been to.

I play bass guitar in a traditional English folk music club; I improvise the baselines under the melodies of the tunes and use influence from the music I listen to at home.

I like electronic music, its good to listen to whilst studying because of the lack of lyrics and the uplifting beats, preferable to classical music as some suggest in my opinion.

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This personal statement was written by domo for application in 2000.

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Not sure if this is any good or not, some adive would be very helpfull.


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some of its a bit silly

some of its a bit silly
'i was startled to be alive'
bit dramatic..
but apart from that good

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