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Curiosity and amazement of the world has led me to want to understand what the reasoning is to why we learn, and why the consequence of reinforcement produces the repetition of behaviour, either positive or negative. B.F.

Skinner states that “Society attacks early, when the individual is helpless” and to understand this statement requires the knowledge of social and behavioural psychology.

I have been inspired by Milgram’s famous research, the Milgram Experiment, which is a genuine example of how authoritarian figures can manipulate humans in society, in ways which scientists never previously predicted would be possible.

Aspects of social and behavioural psychology, such as social learning theory, which suggests that we learn behaviour through observation, have given me the strong desire to study psychology at university.

My experience with A Level Psychology has provided me with a subtle taste of what life from the perspective of a psychologist would be like, and to me it is enthralling, especially to my inquisitive nature.

My inspiration for studying the human mind has been majorly influenced by my Godfather, trained as an analyst, who can flawlessly identify a person’s personality and characteristics.

Being a Senior Prefect in the school, I assist in lessons with younger students. I am kind and punctual in order that students see me as a good role model, so that the students will mimic the behaviour and be rewarded, by praise and intellect.

I am largely proactive with local communities so I can offer my assistance to those who need it, hence my passion to be a psychologist, which would allow me to help society.

For example, I have joined the Peer Support team as Year 13 students are most likely to have the empathy with other students in the school.

I have been accredited with a V-50 certificate for completing at least 50 hours of voluntary work, portraying my dedication and hard working towards assisting the general public.

Despite my commitment to the community, I am able to prioritise my recreational, social and work life effectively.

A personal hobby I adore is writing poetry, as it allows me to have the freedom for self expression and is a powerful representation of emotion and meaning.

My personal dedication to Psychology has led me to being awarded outstanding effort in the subject in Year 12.

Taking Human Biology alongside Psychology in my A Levels has reinforced my learning with Biological Psychology, especially the effect of hormones in the body such as how anti-depressants increase the quantity of the hormone serotonin released from the synaptic knob by reducing the amount of termination enzymes present on the post-synaptic membrane, in order to reach the threshold value more frequently.

I am a person who will go above and beyond what is expected, which can have very beneficial outcomes.

I hope that by being given an opportunity to study Psychology at University I will reach all my expectations of life and use my developed knowledge to make an impact on the world. And while I aim to pursue a medical role in Psychology for the future, I believe there is a behavioural, non-clinical solution to any problem of the mind.

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This personal statement was written by jackylewri for application in 2011.

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I found this statement very hard to start off. Between August and Late October I had not been able to write a thing for my personal statement. Then one evening I finally sat down as wrote a basic statement, to which I asked peers to review several times over for the next 2-3 weeks until I was happy that it was getting across the points I wanted. I'm hoping to attend Portsmouth this year (2011)


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