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People often refer to mathematics as an art as well as a science and I can really understand and see what they mean by this; the number line is so complex and artistic in patterns that spring up and vast area of different topics that crop up in mathematics.

You can also see how mathematics is what you make of it; there is no definite label on how maths should be done, throughout history many cultures have used maths in their daily lives probably right back thousands of years ago when people would evenly share food between a family (the theme of division is evident here).

The ancient Egyptians used complex hieroglyphs for their fractions that still only a trained interpreter would be able to understand and make the correct calculations with.

It is this that intrigues me the most about mathematics; how different cultures used mathematics in a variety of different ways and the history behind discovery's and great advances in maths.

From learning the 5 times table at primary level up to learning calculus at AS level, mathematics has always been the subject at the top of my list.

Throughout my school education I have always been in one of the top tiers for maths and there has always been a great willingness to learn from the lessons.

Moving up through secondary school was interesting as the maths was simple and could be related to everyday circumstances.

Moving up into AS level was a big step that I didn't quite anticipate; the work load was a lot heavier and the content more complex.

With the experience of AS levels I am moving onto A2 level maths a lot stronger and with more confidence and all the necessary work will be put in to reach the level in maths that I believe I am capable of reaching.

I have read different maths books such as '50 mathematical ideas you really need to know' which gives a large and accurate insight into the history of mathematical ideas commonly and not so commonly used today.

The way the human mind works is an extremely complicated area of science that can never have set guidelines as to how it should work or how it does. I believe this is why they created a new branch of social science they called psychology.

There are three main questions in psychology that it is always trying to answer; why do I feel like this? Why do I think like this? Why do I behave like this?.

As well as trying to answer these questions psychology is also very important in tackling tough problems such as criminal behaviour which involves offender profiling - knowing what 'makes a criminal' and other aspects of criminal behaviour and policing.

It is all of this that really keeps me interested in psychology, I find behaviour fascinating and why different people act different ways quite thought provoking.

Throughout my life my dad has been a great help to me through helping me with my maths when I have been stuck and also encouraging me to do bigger and better things such as the duke of Edinburgh's award scheme.

In year 9 I started the duke of Edinburgh's award as I enjoyed the challenge that the award presented and the prospect of going on the camping expeditions.

I successfully completed my bronze award which I was very proud of doing as it took a long time to complete. Although not officially finishing my silver award the experience was a great one that I learned many new skills doing.

From 13 I had a job as a paper boy delivering papers twice a week to 120 houses, I found this physically hard at times (especially during the winter months!).

During the summer holiday's before I was due to start at 6th form I worked in a day nursery 8-5 for a few weeks which I also found quite challenging at times.

Now I have started 6th form I have a job as a cleaner at the school which I have found financially rewarding and good as the hours are quite flexible.

A few years ago I went with my dad to do voluntary aid work in Uganda with an international organisation called 'Lightforce' for 2 weeks.

Ever since that experience I have always wanted to do a year out of some kind and through talks with the managing director I have the opportunity to work for 3 months at a time in different places.

I believe this will help me to mature and become more independent whilst doing good.

I believe myself to be a confident and hardworking student that enjoys learning new things.

I am someone that would put the effort and time into something that needs doing whether this is as part of a team or as an individual. I will always have a great willingness to learn maths and psychology as it is a subject that I enjoy so much.

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This personal statement was written by verityjb for application in 2008.

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i like the first 2 paragraphs and the part about psychology, but i need to shorten it down to 4000 characters (including spaces).


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