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I find Mathematics to be an extremely enjoyable and invigorating subject. What I find most fascinating about Mathematics is the application of logic and analysis it allows, as well as the intellectual stimulation it provides. I consider Mathematics to be as rewarding as it is captivating. I find with Mathematics that the harder and more challenging it gets, the more I seem to enjoy it, which is one of the reasons I am so keen to study it at degree level. Other reasons for embarking on a Mathematics degree include my hope that it will show me new ways to apply Mathematical thinking whilst satiating my Mathematical appetite. Although I am fascinated with every area of Mathematics, I have a particular fondness for statistics; this is because it is a discipline that allows for extensive interpretation of data, forecasting outcomes, as well as acute mathematical modelling. I am also excited by the application to real life situations it allows.
I have attended University College London at which I took part in modelling with mechanics. I have also attended a summer school at King's College London on the 'History of Mathematics'. Both of these Mathematics programmes have helped me to look at mathematics in a more logical and critical dimension, as well as encouraging me to think independently and keep an open mind to new ideas. In addition to these excursions I received the subject prize for Mathematics at my previous sixth form. I like to refer to 'Mathworld' as a resource for Mathematics. It explores different mathematical concepts and also provides intellectual stimulation through its many mathematical games and puzzles. Other academic activities, in which I have partaken, apart from Mathematics, include my Philosophy extension studies, which involved debates on current affairs and social issues.
Studying, independently, A level Physics and A level Further Mathematics has given me an invaluable taste for independent study. This has been a considerable challenge and has encouraged me to use my own initiative, whilst requiring a great deal of self-discipline. I also studied History and English Literature at A level as I wanted to broaden my academic profile and is also why I am currently learning French. I feel that my time spent since A levels has seen me gain a vast amount of experience and maturity.
I had a well-established involvement in my previous sixth form. I have also undertaken duties such as assisting in the running of my school's administrative department. I was a member of the Christian Union at my previous sixth form and a member of an external Christian fellowship group. I have also taken part in voluntary work, in which I assisted people with difficulties. I currently work in retail and as a result of which have developed a strong appreciation for working relations with both my colleagues and members of the public.
My various sporting achievements include representing my school in Athletics, Basketball, Football, and Table Tennis. My main sporting achievement was running for Hercules Wimbledon Athletics Club. Rugby, Tennis, and Badminton are sports that I also enjoy. I enjoy both team and individual sports and am willing to try anything new. I have a fervent appreciation for music from a variety of cultures such as Jazz, Soul, and Orchestral.
I wish to defer entry. This is to enable me to study more statistics and mechanics, as well as learn more about the subject of Mathematics before coming to university. I will also use this gap year to save money and hopefully gain some work experience in the area of finance. I have taken extensive research into the value of a degree in Mathematics and would love to work in the financial sector, particularly as an actuary. I enjoy the challenge of preparing for exams and before embarking on a career I plan to take Mathematics at postgraduate level, as my passion for the subject is absolute.

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im so hungry that i have a

im so hungry that i have a mathematical appetite!


Im grateful for the blog article.Much thanks again. Keep writing.

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