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For centuries Mathematics and Statistics have been vital in all walks of life, whether it’s in medicine; calculating the probability of death due to smoking or today in calculating pension payments. Over the years, Statistics has been a key to the information revolution. The information available now is very vast. I find it enthralling that Mathematics can be used more practically to take this data and draw real concrete conclusions.

I have always had an interest in Mathematics from an early age especially playing around with numbers. This gave me a direction to pick Statistics in GCSE Level along with Mathematics. This gave me an idea of pursuing a career in Statistics. By now, I have seen and experienced the importance of Maths. A career as an actuary has become a long-term goal of mine. To enhance my understanding of Mathematics at a degree level I took part in LSE Shadowing Scheme where I attended a lecture on Statistics. It gave me a view of the rigour and detail required. Maths is used in wide range of sectors, to gain an understanding I took part in a lecture at Oxford University and learnt the application of Maths in Music using continuous fraction. Going to a taster course at Queen Mary’s also gave me an insight into what Maths at university Level is like.

Big data and many calculations are near impossible to calculate using the human brain alone, computers aid us when solving complex and challenging problems; therefore, to strengthen my ICT skills I chose Applied ICT at AS Level. Along with these subjects, to study the nature of markets, I chose to study Economics at A Level. This provided me with the knowledge of how markets, technology and data are intertwined in the real world. I also have a personal interest in economics and recently read Undercover Economist by Tim Harford which allowed me to gain an understanding of how to tackle economic issues like negative externalities without government Intervention. I have always had an interest in financial markets and to understand it more deeply I took part in ifs Student Investor Challenge. The experience taught me the importance of careful research and analysis of current trends and underlying influences in markets.

Apart from studies, I undertook work experience at a Chartered Accountant’s firm. There, I learnt how the firm performs tests to check the financial information and systems. Working in the real word, I learnt how the problems are undertaken, analysed in a number of way, giving sensible solutions. Being the Head boy also gave me great experiences of leadership and teamwork. It also developed problem-solving skills that would be helpful in particularly at university. These skills have considerably improved my communication skills as well as consolidating my self-confidence.

I played for my school Cricket team for three years and joining a cricket club helped me integrate with people with different interests. I also have an interest in badminton, table tennis and tennis. I regularly attend Swaminarayan Temple in Neasden, where I offer my voluntary help in major events like sports day. I have recently been added to the research and development team to help create several medium like website and mobile apps making it easier for people to learn about what we do at the temple. Volunteering at Sunday school teaching Gujarati to pupils, which improved my presentation skills, understanding pupils with patience, and taught me how to be a flexible communicator. Alongside with that, I have also helped in a local charity shop, Scope, during weekends for 7 months. Interacting with customers helped me gain an insight into the retail sector.

Over the past few years, I have shown myself to be a motivated person who has consistently been a high academic achiever. I am now looking forward to undertaking a demanding degree that will enable me to achieve my aspiration of becoming an actuary and I hope to be given this opportunity at a challenging yet rewarding university.

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