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"It has become a very strange and perhaps frightening subject from the ordinary point of view,but anyone who penetrates into it will find a veritable fairyland"( Kasner E and Newman J).This saying is perhaps the most fitted to describe my enthusiasm for Maths.Indeed,scary it was at first,but once I understood the automatic functioning it involves,Mathematics became addictive and propelled me into a world of common sense.Hence,since my first encounters with

Mathematics,it is a perfect love story between "him" and me. Growing up,my thirst for mathematics deepened and I found myself learning on my own self.My enriching discovery was an impetus for me to choose Mathematics in high school.

Never would I give up in front of complex concepts, equations and proofs,hence always topping my classes. My liking for Mathematics underpinned my participation in the Australian Math Competition, after which I was awarded,the highest distinction being the "Prize Certificate";the "Prudence Award";and I was ranked amongst the top 0.3%.Mathematics being a playful subject as a kid; a hobby as a teenager;an enjoyable challenge in high school;a practice as a coach to my little sister,my target is now to pave my way in the professional world of Mathematics.This has led to my university choices including Mathematics.

Similarly,many of my choices embody partly Economics.According to me,Mathematics is quintessential for an understanding of modern economies.

A deep study of those two related disciplines will give me the opportunity to acquire the technical aptitudes and analytical skills to proceed to a successful career in actuary,finance,business and other related fields.Furthermore,not only has my current job in the International Banking Department taught me much about good teamwork,responsibility and time management in a totally new and highly demanding environment,but also the high importance of choosing the subject area and career path I love.

As such,courses like politics, anthropology, psychology and law all seem attractive.But what differentiates them from my actual choice lies in the huge difference between "love" and "like":Mathematics and Economics are subjects I love and I am willing to apply in my routine as a career,unlike the other subjects which are only mere curiosity.

Even the first position acquired internationally in Accounting for the Cambridge O'level examinations did not boost me to choose an accounting course,compared to my hunger for the interesting mixture of Mathematics and Economics.

From opinions collected through colleagues at work and friends, I am fully aware of the colossal difference between Mathematics at high school and university level,and thus require more concentration and logic analysis. This explains why I am actually taking Further Mathematics courses as well-to be able to study, commit and compete at a demanding level more rapidly.

All the more,I am convinced that my participation in various extra-curricular activities(winner of regional English dissertation and elocution competitions, best delegate and delegation in Model United Nations, stock exchange and English debate contests);in school responsibilities (Vice-Head Girl,Head Captain of sports teams,Student Council,member of school magazine committee);and my easy communication skills of English, French, Creole, Hindi and Urdu,as well as my relentless enjoyment of challenges and adventures will all help me to adapt in a new environment in UK and to successfully complete my course.

And eventually,to work under pressure.I equally enjoy social games and I often take responsibility to organize and plan social activities both at school and in family gatherings,while altogether managing my
academic studies.

In this context,I am very much looking forward to integrate university life,and benefit from the various golden opportunities offered,not only for a prestigious and highly-demanded
job,but to further enhance my personality and my logical and analytical skills as well.

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This personal statement was written by asmaa25 for application in 2010.

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London School of Economics
City University
The University of Manchester
Imperial College London
University College London

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