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My aptitude towards mathematics aroused because of its simplicity, that as long as you follow the right steps in a systematic order, you will reach the correct answer. At the same time, the challenge which it provides, with its complex yet logical questions, makes it highly addictive for me. My obsession with numbers remained limited to writing pads, until I read about John Nash, the American mathematician, who invented his famous Nash Equilibria, a very integral part of economic and financial systems across the world. It is from this point on I became increasingly fascinated by how numbers can directly or indirectly affect humans, and, for this reason, I wish to pursue a career in Actuarial Sciences.

I gathered quite a lot of knowledge about the insurance sector and how actuaries are linked to this field while I worked as a Trainee in a large insurance company, ALICO, a member of AIG. I worked under the supervision of an Executive Insurance Consultant, where I was introduced to several work aspects of the organization. Reviewing various insurance policies, and being given an insight into how they came into being, not only fascinated me, but made my determination to pursue this career even stronger. I was frequently taken out to meet different clients, observing how questions, queries, and uncertainties were tackled. This taught me a lot about the professional life, work ethics, and most importantly, how committed and consistent you should be with your job. I also consider the leadership and management skills I picked up as a School Prefect, and as Head of Prefects, highly helpful. Often having won the debates for my team, I believe I have the required effective communication skills necessary for the course I wish to study. I also imagine myself fully capable of coping with the level of sophistication and amount of thinking involved in mathematical and other related courses in the universities. I was ranked third equal in the world, in my IGCSE Additional Mathematics exam, and achieved the highest marks in Saudi Arabia in IGCSE English as a Second Language.

I have enjoyed studying Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics at AS Level, and am now studying them at A2 Level. A statistics module which I am currently studying in my mathematics course is directly related to my course of choice at university. Chemistry and Physics have helped me solve problems with a more planned and analytical approach. As I see it, a single difference in the electrons of an atom, or a slight change in the magnitudes of gravitational forces, can drastically alter the way proceeding mechanisms are affected. I too, in a similar sense wish to be a part of a positive change with slight forward steps at a time.
I quite enjoy activities which involve physical exertion of any kind. Other than swimming and wall-climbing, I'm usually found playing table tennis or basketball. I am a very avid fan of music. I play the piano very well and have performed for a children's musical too.

The reason I wish to study in the UK, and not other countries is the chance of interacting with people from all around the globe in a friendly and safe environment. I believe learning about other cultures, and the outlooks which come from these places, will greatly help me to think in moderation, with an increased appreciation towards several traditions and practices.

I do believe I have the skills and motivation to study actuarial sciences and related courses at university eagerly. If I do successfully graduate, I plan to start my career as an actuary, which will help me hone my abilities further and possibly teach me more.

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This personal statement was written by wijdan225 for application in 2008.

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Received offers from:
The University of Manchester: AAB
Imperial College, London: AAA
The University of Birmingham: ABB


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Fantastic statement. I wish

Fantastic statement. I wish you all the best!

^ same person here. But I

^ same person here. But I hope you've already sent it in.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
thats me btw..i forgot to

wow gd statement! i

wow gd statement! i considered acturial studies but changed my mind!

I'd consider the "If I

I'd consider the "If I graduate" bit. Don't know myself, but that may come across as lack of confidence. Then again, you don't want to sound cocky. Possibly something to think about.

sometimes i wonder if you

sometimes i wonder if you really need a good personal statement to get into universities like .. UCL... Imperial...

I guess only cambridge and oxford care... the rest you will just get it as long as u have straight a's isnt it

was it really an interest in

was it really an interest in an acturaial career? or the money? ;)

^ ^lucky you, actuarial

^ ^lucky you, actuarial science is what I wanna
I'm applying to Imperial as well..
Finger cross

uni undergraduate choices.

Hi, I'm making decisions on what major I want to do in the near future and becoming an actuary is something am considering at the moment. I tried looking for actuarial science at University of cambridge but they didnt have it for undergraduate. I still really want to go to Cambridge so is it possible for me to do maths degree first and then train as actuary later on after I've graduated?? or is there a better major I could do? also which A levels are needed for actuary? I'm doing History, Biology, Maths and Further Maths. Do i need to change History to Economics?? Thank you so so so much!!

Thats a really good personal

Thats a really good personal statement. Thanks, got me reconsidiring mine . Masha Allah

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