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Maths is a subject like no other; its complexity makes it a challenging and often frustrating area of study, however the logic behind every problem leaves a feeling of certainty about it. My devotion to the subject has grown exponentially, especially in recent years. I learnt of the Actuarial profession at a careers meeting a few years ago and, after researching into it, I was intrigued at how Maths could be used to work out so much in real world situations.

The way that data can be collected and an equation formed to work out how long someone may live, or the likelihood of having an accident, is fascinating to me. The application of Maths in everyday life is something that is questioned so much by students throughout school, but the extent to which numbers are used is incredible. When I attended a Mathematics Masterclass for Young People at Oxford University, my competence for the subject became apparent to me through my ability to learn quickly and effectively which led me to conclude that Maths would be the right degree path for me. In 2011 I organised 2 weeks work experience at a local accountancy firm which helped show me how Maths is the foundation for such a variety of work. It was also useful in giving me a perspective into a professional workplace.

To further my mathematical knowledge I have read various texts, including ‘Fermat's Last Theorem’ and ‘Mathematics: The New Golden Age’ which have helped me to experience more complex Maths, similar to that of university level. Reading 'Facts from Figures' by M J Moroney has offered a new light into how data is used in Maths and has encouraged me to take an extra Statistics module for A-Level in order to prepare me for the statistics used at degree level. I am currently attending a weekly evening class at Oxford University on 'Probability and Risk' which is providing a huge insight and introduction into statistics on a higher level and how risk and probability are applied to everyday scenarios.

Over the past year I have visited Lloyds of London and arranged meetings with an actuarial pricing manager for Amlin and a former actuary for Equitable Life, both of whom have given me a deeper insight into the different fields of the profession and what I could expect to be doing in the different areas. I found this extremely useful as it strengthened my view that this profession is the direction for me and that I possess the right skills and mindset to succeed. Last year I completed a NCFE Level 1 Exploring Enterprise Skills - as well as being enjoyable, it enhanced my ability to communicate in a coherent manner and to work in a team in a professional environment.

During my time at sixth form I have been given positions of responsibility; I have mentored two year 11 students, helped out in year 9 Maths classes, and been a House Prefect. Outside school I enjoy playing tennis and have competed in a number of matches and tournaments around South East England. I also coach tennis and am a LTA qualified tennis leader which has helped build on my leadership and communication skills. I was also Coach's Player of the Year 2011 due not only to my ability as a player, but as a coach and a well valued member of the club.

have completed my Bronze and Silver Duke of Edinburgh's Award and next year will pursue the National Three Peaks Challenge. Partaking in these has enhanced my leadership skills, my ability to work in a team, and my ambition of achieving difficult goals. I hold part time jobs at a local clothing store and in a restaurant kitchen and consider these to be valuable experiences in terms of the skills and commitment that I have developed through them. I have learnt to cope well under stress which can be directly transferred to my studies and helps me to handle heavy workloads and still produce high standard results.

I am looking forward to exploring Maths in more depth at university and discovering the opportunities and challenges that a Maths degree will bring.

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