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Passion is the drive that keeps me going. My inclination towards Mathematics has drawn me to pursue a degree in Actuarial Science. The ability to apply mathematics and statistics in my working life in the future would allow me to continuously engage in situations requiring analytical and problem-solving skills. A degree in Actuarial Science will not only enable me to take the professional actuary examinations and head on to careers involving insurance, but also allows me to venture into different job prospectus such as finance and investments, risk management, social policy, education and research.

I am a restless person, restless in a sense that I do not enjoy doing robotic jobs over and over again for years. For instance, engineering which I think does not involve much people interaction. Instead it deals more with machines and computers. I want a career that is organic, a career that evolves – one that grows and adjusts according to time. I see that kind of career in Actuarial Science. Actuaries still continue to gather as members of the fellowship to discuss and keep themselves updated with mortality issues via real-data investigations, so that more modern and accurate models can be formed. This relationship that how the actuaries keep in touch with the events and happenings of the world is what I would like to be engaged to in the future, as I have been keeping myself updated with the world news these days especially the global financial state. It is very intriguing to see that how the revaluing of Yuan might cause China a domestic inflation and loses its growth, but everyone else would benefit from it.

By applying Mathematics and Statistics in Finance, statistical models can be made to evaluate the past and present financial activities. Actuaries then analyse and modify these data to predict the probable events for the future. In school, I thoroughly enjoyed studying Physics and Chemistry and the laboratory experiments that we had. As these subjects improved my critical thinking and analytical skills, I believe that these skills would be of good value to the research community in your university. More than just acing my examinations, I was given the chance to participate in the selection and training camp for the country’s International Physics Olympiad 2009 team. Recently, I was also shortlisted as a participant for the selection camp to represent the country in the International Chemistry Olympiad 2010 team. In addition, I represented my school in different activities, such as a leadership challenge and a cheerleading competition. During these activities and practice sessions, my ability to work with my friends as a team was tested. However, it was truly a joy to be able to solidify friendship and team spirit. Now, I can confidently say that I can deal with others more easily.

Furthermore, I was actively involved in several societies. Elected as the Treasurer of three different societies, I was given the responsibility to demonstrate a resolute trust. Besides that, I am a person of multiple interests. One moment, I would be out playing badminton with some friends, the next I would be seen jogging around my neighbourhood. I also enjoy swimming as I used to go swimming almost every weekend with my family when I was much younger. During the weekends, I would be spending some time in church, choir practice on Saturday noon and the service on Sunday noon. Currently, I am volunteering as a singer for the Music Ministry of an upcoming camp that will be participated by 500 youths from the southern states. The weekly practices that will be going on for the next 3 months will definitely enhance my discipline and determination.

Finally, I would like to restate that I would like to pursue a degree in Actuarial Science. I look forward to giving my all to your university and hope to be able to experience what UK education has to offer.

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nicely written statement... a bit too forword though.


Fantastic post.Really looking forward to read more. Fantastic.

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