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My passion for mathematics started as a young girl in China when I used to hide in the bathroom at night to solve mathematical questions by torchlight. I have a naturally inquisitive mind and the enjoyment of numerical investigation gives me the motivation to learn more.

I come from a traditional Chinese family, but have a ‘supermother’ who spent ten years advancing herself from a kitchen porter to a thriving business woman. Her success has motivated me throughout my academic career, inspiring me to study hard and achieve the high grades I have attained.

My ambition is to be a certified actuary, as I want to combine mathematical skills with business knowledge to predict financial risks for companies.

I always have been successful in problem-solving based subjects and a solid foundation in China boosted my ability to achieve top grades for my A-levels. I am fascinated by how mathematic models are used in our daily lives. For example a statistics model can be used to predict population growth, which can then play a part in forecasting financial risks.

I also enjoy using mechanics models as I love physics, for which I achieved the highest grade in final exam of Senior 1 in China.

As an ambitious individual, I aim to finish all six modules for Further Mathematic with top grades in one year and also prepare myself for the exams of STEP Maths. Because Actuarial Science requires a sound knowledge of both mathematics and business, I took A-level accounting to improve my analytical approach and critical thinking skills.

Consequently, I have developed the ability to implement strategies and measure results by analysing financial information.

I am lucky to have had a work experience prospect on my doorstep in the form of my family's business and have taken the opportunity to work as manager every weekend.

This has given me a great chance to develop teamwork skills, increase my confidence, and learn to deal with unexpected or difficult situations. It also shows that I am hard-working, dedicated, and able to work under pressure and manage time effectively, meeting the demands of the business while still excelling in my academic studies.

Last year I undertook a successful business venture by conducting research into our town and advising my mother to convert one shop into a restaurant. I am currently pursuing a work experience placement in an insurance or stock exchange company in order to observe professional actuaries in their work.

My role of teacher's 'assistant' gave me the opportunity to consolidate my mathematical knowledge as I supported my peers during lessons and helped a group explore complex questions after class. I also organised a mathematics revision group which was primarily intended to help students prepare for exams but also developed my own teaching and communication skills.

Finding different solutions by using a number of examining board books, such as MEI and AQA, has built up my confidence to explain questions, and assisted my self-study for extra modules.

In my spare time I enjoy playing the piano and reading books alongside playing sports to keep myself fit. I have played football since arriving in the UK, and I was captain of the basketball team in high school, these have improved both my teamwork and leadership skills. I am a travel enthusiast and love making friends from different cultures, something I hope to expand on in the future.

I volunteer at a Chinese Community Centre where I teach Chinese, and I plan to create an English-Chinese corner in university to build a friendly bridge between the cultures.

I have all the determination required to achieve the highest level of success in my studies. I will be the first child in my family to receive a University education and I would cherish this honour.

Their expectations and support give me the willpower to accomplish my dream of becoming an actuary. I hope to become an asset to your university and aspire to make a positive difference to people's lives in my chosen career.

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