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The startling significance of mathematics in the modern approach to solving problems amuses me. Everyday situations are tackled by a plethora of algorithms and logical systems that may seem ever-complex but are yet so simple. Thus, the study of the use of mathematical concepts in risk management and finance, allows me to explore its vast array of applications. As an enthusiast, it can be explained as nothing less than magic based on indisputable proofs. Thus, I choose to study Actuarial Science, which I was introduced to by elder brother.
My understanding of Mathematics has grown exponentially over the years and achieving a 97 grade in my ICSE 10th Board Examinations, encouraged me to take up the challenge of A-Level Mathematics. I particularly enjoyed learning statistical modules which I consider to be the basis for an actuarial career. As part of a project, I was intrigued by the application of logarithms and probability distributions in Google's formerly used algorithm, PageRank. Indeed it appeared to me, that there is no greater joy than successfully solving a Mathematics problem. To further my knowledge about Mathematics, I researched extensively and am fascinated by the work of Tom Griffiths and Hannah Fry, in terms of applying Mathematics in ordinary situations. It still is surprising to me how without most of us even knowing, Mathematics is always around us.
Along with Mathematics, studying Chemistry and Physics, I believe has helped me solve problems with a calculated and analytical approach while becoming increasingly aware of how laws pertaining to Mathematics shape the world. The slight changes in numerical values such as the concentration of a reactant in a rate equation or the change in length of the wire in metal-wire strain gauge, has huge practical effects. Since Actuarial Science depends heavily on the specificity and accuracy of data, the systematic character that I have garnered by learning these will certainly benefit me.
The Actuarial profession demands not only academic excellence but also discipline and exceptional interpersonal skills. I have developed the same while serving as a President of the Children's Advisory Committee, House Captain and later, Hostel Prefect through my school years. Being handed such responsibilities has provided me with vital qualities such as teamwork, leadership, social and managerial skills that have prepared me for unfamiliar work surroundings.
A Diploma from Helen O' Grady International EduDrama Institute in Speech and Drama, has too enhanced my communication skills. I have practiced the same by participating in Model United Nations Workshops and Sessions, and also being an active debater in various competitions. But, nothing compares to the practical experience that I have garnered in dealing with people, while working as a part of the VHSSRC- my school's social service cell. This experience continues to inspire me and is one of the reasons I am committed to having a strong work ethic.
Apart from academics, I hold a keen interest in football, reading, and writing. My mutual interest in mathematics and football has led me to research and question the basis of the predictions made in The Script, published by BT Sport- an excellent experiment of what combining of big data and football, which is considered an unpredictable game, brings.
I believe that these traits, my appetite for Mathematics, and determination to strive and prosper in spite of adverse situations, would profit me in my pursuit of becoming a certified Actuary. Studying in the UK will provide me with an opportunity to learn with a truly international community and work with the best of minds. A global mind-set, that I would thus develop here, will prepare me to work as an actuary anywhere on this planet.

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Predicted grades:
Maths: A*
Chemistry: A*
Physics: A*
I applied to:
University of Leeds: Conditional offer(AAA)
University of Manchester: Conditional offer(A*AA)
Queen Mary: Conditional offer(AAA)
University of Southampton: Conditional offer(AAA)
LSE(long shot): PENDING


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