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Complexity of the world, starting from the microscopic interactions between molecules to the enormous scale of the universe, is endlessly intriguing me. How does the universe work? A few years ago I realised that physics with the help of mathematical equations and theories is a tool to provide the answer.

Therefore I decided to study these two branches of science at an advanced level in the high school. In future I would like to explore them more deeply at the university, as my simple curiosity was transformed into fascination.

During my studies, I got a special interest in quantum mechanics. The idea of wave functions and collapses and the role of the observer made me wonder about the nature of the world and led me to read a lot of books and articles related to this topic.

My attention was particularly caught by 'Quantum Enigma. Physics Encounters Consciousness' written by Bruce Rosenblum and Fred Kuttner, from which I gained an insight into such theories and paradoxes as, for example, entanglement. The authors give a lot of interpretations, but do not impose any of them, so as to form own opinions. I came to believe that the quantum theory is not complete and there is still a lot to discover.

The book pushed me into participation in an online course 'Quantum Mechanics for Scientists and Engineers' from Stanford University. It covered practical topics and mathematical formulas, which I could use in quizzes and tests. I have finished it recently with the Statement of Accomplishment.

However, perusal of fundamental laws has not satisfied me, on the contrary - it has made me pursue studies on the true identity of nature and search the answers to my questions. I believe this activity taught me the importance of gaining knowledge outside the classroom and improved my self-study and time management skills. Moreover, it has given me the confidence that I can acquire this knowledge in English.

I am currently preparing for the second stage of the Physics Olympiad organised by the Polish Physical Society, wishing to reach the final. It is a real challenge, but I am highly motivated to achieve my goal.

As a participant of the Olympiad I could take part in the laboratory workshops in Lodz University of Technology. Working in the fully-equipped laboratory was an outstanding experience, which made me realise that it was what I would like to do in future. I also benefitted from the local University's offer, where I attended maths lectures on thought-provoking topics.

The way in which some mathematical equations and formulas can simplify and solve complicated problems keeps on astonishing me. My ambition also led me to take additional English and Spanish classes, which I completed with distinction.

After the first form in the high school, I was awarded a scholarship for the best student, on the basis of the results of the exams at the end of the school year. I passed them with flying colours, getting the highest results in Polish, mathematics and physics. Since September 2013, I have been the class vice-president chosen to represent my colleagues and plan school events.

What is more, I have been using my interpersonal and organizational abilities in order to help students in my class deal with their school problems.

Beside my enthusiasm for science, I am interested in photography and sailing. Looking for the ideal way to present my views in the photos developed my determination as well as patience. Getting the license in sailing made me realise the importance of a team work. I am also fond of travelling, which I find necessary in order to study in a foreign country.

The willingness to discover new things led me to visit a lot of interesting places, London amongst them. The language course, which I attended there in 2014, taught me independency and coping with problems on my own. For this reason, I believe I can face studies in the United Kingdom, which I chose owing to the well-balanced academic programme and teaching quality.

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I am really happy for that PS - it got me three offers so far.


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