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Mathematics is the fundamental basis of science. I want to understand just how the world hangs together, and maths seems to provide me with a solid foundation for my understanding of many other fields of knowledge. I feel that a good grounding in maths will enable me to more fully understand statistics, electro-magnetism, and quantum physics.
From a young age I was intrigued to discover that music has an underlying mathematical structure. I am now studying trumpet grade 8, and have achieved grade 5 in violin. I then found that there's a mathematical basis for the nature of light, and for so many other fields. Further study and research will enable me to explore even more about the world and the mathematical structures that underpin it.
Attending lectures at Manchester University which explored 'Maths on the back of an envelope', 'Maths of a rollercoaster', and 'Maths of Rock and Roll' further drove my desire to study Maths at University. I particularly enjoyed exploring the basics of university Maths through reading 'Mathematics: A very short introduction' by T.Gowers and 'Fermat's Last Theorem’ by S.Singh. Gower's explanation of proofs and the basics of university Maths and Singh's demonstration of the dedication and drive that Mathematicians possess have further fuelled my ambitions.
My other A-Level studies in Further Mathematics and Physics both complement Mathematics. In Further Mathematics, I have particularly enjoyed the Further Pure Modules that explore Core Mathematics in greater detail, and have found that I particularly excel in Statistics Modules. I work with my Maths teacher weekly to work on STEP papers and broaden my Mathematical dexterity. Currently in Physics, I'm particularly interested in the underlying structure of electro-magnetic fields. I feel that all my A-Level studies have provided me with the ideal grounding for a degree in Maths.
In other areas of school, I have used my enthusiasm for the subject and my developing Leadership skills to help members of the Maths department by attending sixth form open days. Here, I explained to younger students why maths is so essential to so many other fields, and why the products of fundamental Mathematics can be so multifaceted. I also regularly mentor gifted and talented year 8 Mathematicians in their Maths lessons and help to teach Maths to Year 4 pupils at Goostrey Community Primary School every Wednesday. This enables me to share the knowledge I have gained with others and help to enthuse and inspire future generations of Mathematicians.
I have also demonstrated my maturity, leadership and dedication through my membership of the sixth form leadership team. My role allows me to set a worthwhile example when monitoring sections of the school and to participate within the school community through my contributions to monthly Tutor council meetings.
My confidence and commitment are shown through the fact that, outside my studies, I play the trumpet in the Cheshire Youth Music for Life Big Band, playing concerts around Cheshire and Manchester. I have learned to mix with a variety of people who all share a common interest and have played in many jazz clubs and theatres, allowing me to perform in front of new and varying audiences.
The opportunity to broaden my experience of working in a team in fast paced environments was provided through my work experience at a local Hotel and Bakery. Through this work experience, I developed the skills of communication with a diverse range of people in the respective work placements, vital for life at University. However I have now finished these jobs in order to concentrate on my A2 studies.
I am looking forward to joining University life and studying Maths with people who enjoy the subject as much as I do. I hope to contribute to extra-curricular activities within the University, perhaps in musical performance. But most of all I look forward to the opportunities and challenges that a degree in Maths would offer.

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