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My fascination with maths derives from its symbiotic relationship with the human world; as said by Roger Deacon "the things of this world cannot be known without a knowledge of maths". To me, the beauty of maths is that there is an international system of evolving logic in which develops an answer that's unequivocal and always right.

Being pivotal to the answer of many problematic situations, its application is always relevant to the real world. It's the satisfaction of mastering a never ending discipline such as maths that inspires me to study this at degree level; and then develop this into a maths based career. I find the study of maths not only adds logic to science, but it challenges the logic of philosophy, for it is a proven truth.

For me the opportunity to study maths at university is not only the chance to study a subject I love, but to develop the skills necessary for a city-based career.

Having shadowed an Investment Banker at the Lehman Brothers Firm, I've witnessed first-hand the relentless demands and stresses of a successful career. However, I've also witnessed a world where determination drives an infinite scope to grow and be better; a world I really aspire to belong to.

Studying AS Maths and Further Maths has enabled me to become a well rounded mathematician and I've relished the challenge of developing new skills.

The evolution of simple trig into complex quadratics and formulas has shown me the subject's never-ending diversity. I've enjoyed most the core 3 module which I'm finding exercising yet rewarding. AS Biology and Chemistry integrated well with maths; both courseworks involved acquiring data from practical experiments to later test mathematically against a hypothesis.

I found this a learning curve because it put to practical use the skills that are usually exercised in theory, whilst directly relating maths to the real world. From this I've evolved stronger investigative skills, and a keener eye to detail.

Asides school, I've continued my passion for maths by tutoring a GCSE student. This allowed me to give back to something I love; whilst developing my ability to reason and evolving my fluency with simple concepts. My school motto "Serviam - I Will Serve" has continuously encouraged me to be active in charity work, giving back to our community through inter-generational lunches and sports fund-raising events.

I was lucky enough to help organise a summer soiree for St. Anne's Special Needs School, it was highly rewarding and I'm returning this December to organise a Christmas party. Serviam also encouraged me to take an active role in school life, being ambassador for the school during open days and giving talks to prospective students and their parents about school life.

I've thoroughly enjoyed extra-curricular activities such as debating and school council; but more so sports events. I'm a keen sports woman with a passion for football and athletics.

Being captain of the rounders and basketball teams has given me the scope to develop my leadership abilities; both teams having won the Merton Borough leagues under my leadership. I played for the Fulham Ladies U14s before moving to the Morden Girls FC having won the league.

Despite my mathematical focus I have a deep underlying love for literature, my favourite works being "Jane Eyre" and "Noughts and crosses"-a childhood favourite. A degree in maths will not only discipline my ability to focus, but simultaneously expand an ability to think outside the box.

Its transferable skills will allow me to mature into a knowledgeable and independent young woman, one who is more than capable of meeting the demands of an independent and successful career.

I wait in eager anticipation for university life, not only for what I can strive to achieve but also what I can give back; this being an individual who is willing and unafraid to experience new things, and to continue to grow not only as an amiable student, but a passionate and confident leader.

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