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If Mathematics were a number, I would say it is prime, not because it is mostly odd, rather because of its uniqueness. Mathematics is a subject that seeks to find the unknowns, and at times questions the accuracy of the known, hence its difficulty. Reaching a solution produces a degree of satisfaction, until you have to focus on the next problem at hand. Then, the cycle repeats. What interests me about mathematics is its limitless boundaries and continuity. As I have progressed through education, I have seen how some of my basic understanding in the subject has enabled me to understand more complex theories which are used to explain various natural phenomena- an idea brilliantly encapsulated by Fractals. This is a factor in my decision to continue my studies in Mathematics at a higher level.

My profound interest in mathematics has meant that I have sought out extra courses that go beyond my A-level studies. I attend weekly Mathematics workshops such as King's Factor at King's College London where we solve challenging AEA and STEP questions which require alternative logical approaches. Books, such as the "British Mathematics Olympiad" by A. Gardiner, serve as banks of questions which allows me access to mathematical problems that are challenging beyond the remit of the A2 syllabus. Attending a number of university Maths taster days has been of great benefit as I have enjoyed the opportunity to broaden my statistical studies by looking into area such as ranking and normal distribution. At a summer school at Imperial College London, we were taught cryptography and sequences, learning the distribution of numbers over an interval, and the art of mathematical communication through symbols and numbers. The lessons taught at the summer school influenced my reading as I grew more passionate about prime numbers and their properties, for instance, their infinite occurrence.

As well as attending extra courses, in my spare time I enjoy reading about mathematics and the history of some established theorems. My interest in primes led me to read "The Music of the Primes" by Marcus du Sautoy and "Dr Riemann's Zeros" by Karl Sabbagh, and others, such as "In Pursuit of the Unknown", have shone more light on some rigorous equations such as Information Theory. Reading mathematical books has introduced me to new, more advanced ideas that would interest me at university, such as topology.

Due to its wide range of applications, mathematics is an important aspect of other subjects, and has featured across my A-level studies. Further Maths serves as a platform for me to learn more about the application of mathematics using models based on real world problems, Decision Mathematics and Mechanics being the best example. In addition, Chemistry has helped me learn how to scrutinise and manipulate data to obtain the final result, this being a key skill for research and hypothesis testing.

With the help of my college's Science department, I initiated a Maths Society where we learn topics that don't feature in the A-level specification such as modular arithmetic and geometry. During my gap year, my college has given me the opportunity to tutor A Level Mathematics and Further Mathematics. In addition, I teach GCSE Mathematics on weekends to help consolidate my existing knowledge and to ensure my academic skills are sharp and current despite my gap year. I also plan to further my reading and complete courses on Coding to help improve my logical thinking which is vital for the course.

A degree in Mathematics at a prestigious university is the first step to realising my long term ambition of becoming an academic in the field of maths.

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I applied to Oxford, Imperial, Kings, Warwick and Durham. Got an offer from all of them


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