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Studying mathematics is a pure pleasure for me and I take pride in my achievements in the subject. What makes maths so interesting is its foundations in the real world; for instance, the Fibonacci numbers that arise all through nature, the notes played by a guitar string producing standing waves at different frequencies of sound and algebra which is used to create special effects in animated films and TV shows. My understanding of these topics and the practical applications of maths was enriched by a series of lectures that I attended at the Institute of Education, University of London. Although I can appreciate how maths is an underlying truth all around us and the foundations of our knowledge of the external world, I am particularly captivated by the application of mathematics in the very real world of socioeconomics; for example, linear programming examines the possible optimal solutions to problems concerning resource allocation. As we are all aware, businesses and individuals each have a finite amount of resources which constrains them to work within their means. For this reason, I am particularly eager to study topics like this which explore how mathematicians devised a way to calculate the most efficient use of our resources to achieve the best outcome i.e. maximum profit or minimum cost.

During the summer, I attended a university short-course where I had the opportunity to visit UBS bank and Rabobank. Whilst there, I was fortunate to speak to some of the members from the management team; one remark still stands out in my memory: “I would never have got to where I am today if I did not go through university”. This statement has further motivated me to aim for university and I hope to continue my academic success into the field of maths and finance. Whilst visiting the banks, I became aware of the different sectors within their organisations, one of which was risk management, and how actuaries working in that area used their knowledge of mathematics to calculate financial risk. Studying financial mathematics at degree level will not only give me a profound insight into finance, but will also equip me to embark in a future career in actuarial science.

Over the past few years, I have been actively involved in my school community. Following a successful campaign, where I highlighted the strengths and visions I could bring to the role, I was elected by staff and sixth form students to the position of ‘Deputy Head Boy’. As a role model for the whole school, I often give talks to prospective students along with their parents about school life and conduct tours around the school; in addition, being a member of the ‘Senior Six’ enables me to work as part of a team, organising a wide range of social events and activities that everyone can participate in. I also work during my free time as a mentor to a small group of Year 7 students, helping them solve any problems they may have in maths and personal concerns in school. All of these tasks have improved my interpersonal skills as well as developed my confidence in communicating and I have gained valuable experience in working with a diverse range of people.

Throughout my A Level studies, my experiences have helped me develop into an independent and self-disciplined person; these are qualities which I am sure will prove useful in laying a good foundation for life at university. I too, like many others, aspire to do well in life and I believe that only through university can my aim of success really be achievable. I look forward to delving into new topics in financial mathematics and wait in anticipation of the opportunities university will offer in the new community that I will be a part of.

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This personal statement was written by FaithO for application in 2012.

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University of Plymouth

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Financial Mathematics at Brunel University


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