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My propensity for Mathematics is derived from its systematic, yet far from simplistic nature. Problems can, in fact must, be solved through the use of logic and intellect; solutions can never be realised through the customary memorisation of facts and definitions associated with other disciplines, yet there is a distinct and logical order to all things Mathematical, which, to me, epitomises my passion for the subject.

In addition to two Mathematics subjects (Pure and Applied), I am also studying Physics to aid me in attaining a broader understanding of the concepts I am studying in Applied Mathematics. The parallels that can be drawn between my studies of Physics and Mathematics have enabled me to realise the innumerable applications of Mathematics, its prevalence in understanding the mechanics of our world and, also, the value and importance of a degree in Mathematics. It never ceases to amaze me that even the most obscure Pure Mathematical concepts can be applied to everyday and real-life problems, and I am eagerly looking forward to studying these, and more, in greater depth.

Last year, I was chosen to participate in the Irish Junior Science Olympiad based on my Junior Certificate results in Mathematics and Science, which were deemed to be among the best in the country. The competition involved taking part in an examination designed to test logic and creativity, which I found to be extremely gratifying. The experience was invaluable, and it has helped me to confirm my future prospects of studying Mathematics. I was also invited to compete in the European Science Olympiad; however, I was unable to attend due to a clash with my Leaving Certificate Examinations.

Additionally, I took part in the PRISM (Problem-Solving for Irish Second-Level Mathematicians) quiz, and my score was ranked among the top few in the country; I also achieved the highest result in my school. I will be competing in this quiz again in October, and have high hopes of surpassing last year's achievements. I am also a member of my school's Mathematics and Physics quiz teams. Last year, in Mathematics, we placed 1st regionally, which allowed us to advance to the national finals, where we placed 4th; however, I am optimistic that this year we will be able to exceed this performance.

Outside of my academic work, I have been a member of my school's rowing club for nearly five years, during which time I have competed at both national and international level. This year, owing to my increased maturity and responsibility, I was elected to the position of Club Captain. The time commitment and the training are demanding; however, I still remain committed to my schoolwork and it has improved my skills of dedication, perseverance and teamwork.

I thoroughly believe that I have the skills, intellect and motivation to take on the challenge of studying for a degree in Mathematics, and I am fervently looking forward to doing so.

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This personal statement was written by E_Fizzle for application in 2009.


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Did you get an interview ?

Did you get an interview ?
good p,s

did you get an offer ??

did you get an offer ??

Isnt it ment to be only 200

Isnt it ment to be only 200 words


Liked it except the first paragraph which had too much vocabulary than i think needed.

Fervently is not a word!!!

Fervently is not a word!!!

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