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From a very young age, solving problems and identifying patterns has been something I have enjoyed. As a result of this, maths has become my favourite subject at school. Mathematics requires one to work towards a definite answer, particularly in challenging problems, which I find exciting. This stimulation has helped me to achieve and maintain extremely high standards, enabling me to be part of the “accelerated” maths class and allowing me the opportunity to do 3 extra modules within this 2-year course. I have always been keen to find out how maths is used in the real world. In light of my enjoyment and natural ability, I have made it my ambition to apply my mathematical knowledge and analytical skills to solve real financial problems. I believe working towards becoming an actuary is right for me.

Since actuaries assess risks and the changing patterns of living, it is important for them to have sound knowledge of current affairs to determine decisions they make. My aptitude and most importantly my interest in Economics as well as Mathematics have naturally led me to choose a career in the Actuarial profession. I keep up to date with current affairs mainly by reading 'The Economist'. I have been particularly interested in the American election, global warming, the rising prices of commodities and the credit crunch. I recently obtained a merit in a mock essay in preparation for the Advanced Extension Award, (AEA) next June. Using my additional knowledge I was able to justify my opinions with great success.

Actuaries must also be able to communicate well on many different levels. It is important for them to be able to break their complex knowledge down into layman's terms with clarity. I believe my communication skills are developing strongly. During my work experience at the electronics company Casio's financial department, I was required to communicate with others, senior to myself, helping them with their accounts on a database. I had the opportunity to apply my computer skills to understand their system and make an effective contribution.

I also lead the altar server group in my church, delegating roles to others as well as teaching new servers about the roles and responsibilities. I have been volunteering at Oxfam for the past 15 months during my free time, working within a team, sorting through donations, pricing and working at the till. I am glad to have the opportunity to help those less fortunate than myself.

I enjoy playing the piano during my free time and am currently studying for my grade 8 exam next year. I currently playing cricket for The Northampton Exiles Cricket Club. I hope to continue these activities further at university. In addition I have reached a 2nd kyu in Shotokan karate, which has helped me to gain in self-discipline and keep me fit and healthy. I also take pleasure in cooking and creating new dishes and experimenting with ingredients. I look forward to the opportunity of cooking for myself on a regular basis.

I believe that I am a highly diligent and attentive person, well suited to a degree in actuarial studies and I will relish the challenges of the degree and university life in general.

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